Monday, July 22, 2013

Pooltime + Working It Recap:: 7/15-21

Well, this weekend flew by! I wish it were due some super fun things happening. Instead, a huge storm blew in Friday evening. Our power went out around 8pm and was out until around 7am. Could've been much worse, I suppose, but, at the time, it seemed like a SUPER long time without power.

Life was a bit back to normal for a couple hours.

Then, they had to turn off the water. Apparently, the storm caused a pipe to break. No water = no a/c.

When it's so hot with no relief, my energy and motivation gets zapped right out of me. Soooo, my weekend didn't quite go as planned.


To cheer me (and YOU) up a little, here's my 3rd pool workout. This week, we're working our legs! No video or pics this week. The pool was so dirty from the storm plus my motivation was zapped, remember? :/

lower body pool workout

Seated Leg Lifts - Put your back up against the side of the pool with your arms outstretched up on the edge for support. With your back firmly against the side and your legs straight, lift your legs higher than waist level. Hold for a couple breaths and repeat.

Seated Leg Spreaders - In the same position, with your legs raised, open and and close your legs to really work your stubborn abductors and adductors.

Mogul Jumps - Stand in neck deep water, with arms slightly bent and hands in loose fists. Bend one knee, balancing on opposite foot. Jump side to side. Switch feet halfway through.

NOTE: If you're wearing a bikini, be sure and have a very secure top for this exercise. My girls kept wanting to jump loose in the one I was wearing. :-)

PliĆ© Squats - In chest deep water, stand with feet wider than shoulder-width and toes pointing out at 45-degree angles. Bend at knees as deep as possible. Repeat.

Left Leg Swings - Stand at edge of pool with right side facing pool wall. Holding on the edge, lift your left leg straight in front of you and then swing it backward. Repeat swinging forward and back.

Right Leg Swings - Same as left, but on the other side. :-)

High Knees - In neck deep (or deeper) water, bring your knees as high as you can. Focus on keeping your torso upright and engaged.

Calf Raises - In neck deep water, lift up on your toes, pause, and release. Repeat.

Butt Kickers - In neck deep (or deeper water), kick your feet back to your butt. Again, focus on keeping your torso upright and engaged.

Squats - Move to slightly shallower water. Stand with feet hip width apart. Bend at knees as deep as possible. Repeat. Try to keep your toes in line with your knees throughout this exercise.

And for my weekly recap, let's just say that things didn't go as planned. Despite the heat, I hardly made it to the pool, and my yoga and #CoreBalanceChallenge have been far from consistent this week. :(

Instead of my usual break down, here are my wins, losses, and draws from the week.


  • I biked into work twice last week!! Whoo hoo!! The first time, I had plans after work, and I didn't want to have to deal with parking our huge van. Biking was hot, but simply easier. The second time, Jeff needed the van during the day, but it also felt so great to bike again! Of course, at the end of the work day, I'd forgotten that I had to bike home. I barely made it home before my brother stopped by for dinner.
  • I ran a 10K on Saturday. Kind of. It was my first run since July 4th when I went on a self-imposed hiatus after the #RWRunStreak. It. Was. Hot. And Humid (for Vegas). I'm still pretty proud of what I did my first run back - even if there was a lot of walking.
  • I got both feet off the ground in Crow. This was so exciting for me! It was only for ONE second, but it made me keep wanting to try again and again. I wasn't able to do it again. My triceps were so sore from all that weight on them. Definitely a pose I'll keep working on. :)
  • The inconsistency of my daily yoga. When I do manage to get to it, I know I'm not pushing myself like I could/should.
  • Same goes with my pooltime. Despite the heat, we skipped the pool most evenings. When we did go, we just floated around to cool off. :-(
  • When I got back from my run on Saturday, Jeff started a movie. I should have stretched more while watching it. My legs are yelling at me a bit this morning.
  • I stuck pretty well to my meal plan last week and enjoyed some delicious dinners. :)

How were your wins, losses, and draws last week?
Which is worse - no power or no water (which included no a/c where I live)?

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  1. no power---I can find me some water :-)

    1. Yeah. I think I'm with you on this. Plus, we've stockpiled some water.

  2. Sorry about things not going as planned this past week

  3. Win - Got all 6 workouts in
    Loss - Had to adjust a bit due to leg pain that is still bothering me.
    Draw - Stretched a bit, but not enough.