Monday, July 8, 2013

Pooltime + Working It Recap:: July 1-7

One of my July goals is to spend more time in the pool. Well, the first 4 days of July I was still finishing up my Run Streak, so my pool time was basically just floating around - not what I would really consider exercise. :)

Now that the streak is over, I'm switching to more strenuous pool time. Since I'm not much of a swimmer, my pool workouts will focus more on non-swimming exercises.

I'm hoping to share a different pool workout with you each Monday along with my previous week's workouts.

Here is my first one.

I've done this workout a couple times now, and let me tell you, it really works your legs. If you're unfamiliar with any of these exercises, here's a little video I made demonstrating this workout for you.

In case you don't want to see me in a bikini, here's a brief description of each exercise.

K-Tread - Extend both legs - one straight down, the other straight in front of you. Keep toes pointed, knees straight, and torso upright. Hold this position for a count of 5 and then switch legs.

Power Jacks - Kind of like a jumping jack, only keeping your arms in the water. Start with arms and legs extended out, and then bring them together - feeling the resistance of the water.  Cross your legs at the ankles and arms at the wrists.

Crunches - Float on your back with your arms out to your sides. Bring your knees to your chest.

Reverse Crunches - Float on your belly with your arms out to your sides. Bring your knees to your chest and kick your legs straight out behind you.

High knees - Just like on land, bring your knees as high as you can. Focus on keeping your torso upright.

Butt kickers - Kick your feet back to your butt.

So, there's my first pool workout creation. If you try it out, please let me know what you think!

I've also been doing yoga every day in July!

While some days I only did enough yoga to do my #CoreBalanceChallenge, I did try out a few other yoga videos and workouts this past week. Feel free to check out the links below for more info on those.

Speaking of my #CoreBalanceChallenge, boat pose is HARD! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see I have a lot to work on with this pose.

But even over the past week, I've felt some improvement - though I haven't attempted another photo. :-)

I also focused on Tree Pose for this first week. I felt pretty good about my balance on that one throughout the week. Often I just got bored after a minute or so and took myself out of the pose. This week, I'll be tackling dancer pose.

And, here's the break down of the week.

1:00 plank, :10 boat
tree pose
Yoga Basics
1:00 plank, :30 superman
tree pose
1:05 plank, :10 boat
tree pose
Post-run SequenceYay!
1:05 plank, :30 superman
tree pose
Yoga for Runners
1:10 plank, :15 boat
tree pose
Yoga Abs
Yoga Dynamics
Pool Workout #1
1:10 plank, :30 superman
tree pose
Pool Workout #1
1:10 plank, :15 boat
tree pose
Pool Workout #1

How were your workouts this first week of July?
What's your favorite non-swimming exercise in the pool?

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  1. Boat pose always kills me! Not the core part but extending my legs. My hamstrings don't like it one bit!

    1. My hamstrings are right there with you! Guess that's one more reason to keep doing it. :)

  2. Now I just need the use of a pool... :)