Friday, August 16, 2013

Five for Friday!

I, for one, am super happy about it being Friday! Having Monday off, this week actually went by pretty quickly, but I'm still loving that it's almost the weekend.

Here's a few things on my mind today.

1. No big plans for the weekend! We may go car shopping, but mostly just relaxing and getting caught up on stuff.

2. My Factors of 36 virtual race has been going on for a week now. I'm loving this race and hearing all your stories about how it's helped motivate YOU.

Like Matt who pushed himself to run an extra 0.6 miles, so he could log 18 miles for the day instead of 12.

Or Tyly who didn't want to get off the couch.

And then there's my sister-in-law, Trudy, who is using the race to get back on the wagon.

You're all helping to motivate me as well.

Thank you, thank you, to everyone who is participating.

If you haven't joined the fun, there's still 10 more days to run! You can still join us, just fill out this form or shoot me an email at

3. Speaking of virtual races, when mine's finished, why not sign up for Laura's Fall 5 or 10 Virtual Series. It will be similar to the one she hosted from Jan-June, but instead of  5k or 5miles before the 5th, it will be 5 or 10 miles. Perfect for anyone training for a fall/winter marathon.

4. Did you know that I recently became a Diet-to-Go Ambassador? You might recall I did a review of their meals back in February. I was so impressed with everything I tried - from the quality to the quantity - that I was very excited when they reached out to me to be an Ambassador.

Last night I participated in a very fun Twitter chat about getting back to healthy habits now that school is starting up again. The new school year doesn't really affect me, but it's always good to refresh my healthy habits. :)

Diet-to-Go is also currently hosting an I Live Healthy photo contest.

The contest started a couple days ago, but you can enter your photo through 8/29. Voting goes through 8/31 and winners will get a week of free meals. Yummy!!

You can enter, vote, and get all the details here:

5. I've shared 227 happy moments on my A Happy Moment A Day blog. I think that's pretty much a record for me for doing anything.

What's going on with you today?
Any fun plans for the weekend?

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  1. I enjoyed being in the twitter party with you last night. Have a great weekend!