Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's Favorite!

Isn't this how we all wish we looked after every run? With a huge smile on our faces?

This was a great run - in part due to my new YMX by Yellowman top. As part of my ambassadorship with FitFluential, I was shipped two tops to try - and they quickly became my favorites.

I'd heard that their tops tend to run a bit small, so I ordered a large I normally buy medium, and these were perfect!

I love the super long length!

Makes these tops perfect for almost any sport from running to yoga to biking.

I loved that it didn't ride up at all during my runs, like some of my other tops. And stayed put while on the mat.

The pink top I received even has a pocket in the back.

Perfect for a little fuel. Not so perfect as a pocket for my phone. :( It was a little too bouncy, and I was afraid it would fall out - even though it was quite secure, actually.

I love the super soft, breathable material!

It's MadKool fabric.
Nothing is better than your own skin. It breathes, it shines, and it feels. MadKool® fabric is designed to do the same.
I really did feel like it was part of my skin. It certainly got as wet and sweaty as my skin did. :) Normally, I can't run long distances in sleeveless tops without the inside of my upper arms chafing, but no chafing with these tank tops!! Definitely a HUGE plus in my book. Oh, AND, these can be thrown in the washer and dryer. Just don't use fabric softener. :)

I love the super fun designs!

Most of my other tops are plain and boring or race shirts, so these were definitely a fun addition. I even worn the blue top out on a date night.

And eventually, it will be worn to work.

These tops retail at $69, but I think they're totally worth the price. They are so versatile! They are so fun! They are so comfortable!

They are definitely this Friday's Favorite!!

What's your Friday Favorite?

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  1. I love those! I like the longer length too. They look adorable on you! I love cute, interesting tops. Although most of what I own are boring, solid colors!