Monday, September 9, 2013

Marathon Monday #6

It's a brand new week! I hope it flies by, because, sadly, I'm already ready for the weekend. Oops!

Week 5 of training went very well!

The PlanThe Reality
Mon, 9/2REST65 min Yoga
Tue, 9/34
Wed, 9/4RESTbiked to work
Thu, 9/56
biked from work
Fri, 9/63
Sat, 9/71212
Sun, 9/82

I started the week out with some yoga, which left me quite sore for the next couple of days. I still managed to get in some speed work on Tuesday. I did an HIIT workout on the treadmill that was quite challenging

Wednesday was somewhat of an active rest day because I biked into work. The skies were looking very threatening at the end of the work day, so Jeff picked me up. Genie isn't big enough for my bike, so Lily spent the night inside at my desk. Jeff dropped me off at work Thursday morning, so I could bike home after work.

I ended up working 45 minutes late on Thursday. While biking home, I nearly talked myself out of going for my run. I had skipped it in the morning, and thought it would be okay to skip it at night, too, right?! I mean it was already 6:30 by the time I got home. My legs were already tired from biking. [insert additional excuses here.]

In the end, I decided to man up and just get out there quickly. Before I changed my mind. I didn't even hesitate, but changed into my running clothes as soon as I hung up my bike. I kissed Jeff, convinced him to make dinner while I ran, and then headed out the door.

It turned out to be quite a fun run! Sunset happened about halfway into my run, and there were portions that were pitch black, and I could barely see the ground. I'll have to remember my reflective vest next time I run after work. For sure.

It was supposed to be a pace run, and I did better than I expected! I went a bit slower after dark, but managed an overall pace of 10:08. I'll definitely take that!

Despite my late run on Thurs, I still woke up early enough Friday for a quick 3 miles. Well, they didn't turn out to be so quick, but at least I got them done. :)

Saturday's 12 were kind slow as well. I tried doing 7/3 splits. When I was training for my first 2 marathons I did 10-and-1 splits, and those were ok. This training cycle, I've tried 3-and-1s and now 7-and-3s. I don't think either of those are for me. I end up walking too slowly and taking too long to run again. My overall pace really suffers. I think I'll try 10-and-1s again to see how those will work this time around.

Other than slow, the 12 miles weren't bad. I had a few tummy issues, but nothing too bad. The worst was the number of stop lights. Ugh! I ran a route I'd never really run before, and the stoplights were killing me!

Up this week? Hills tomorrow, and I think I've decided on a great hill to try. Yay! 12 miles again on Saturday, and I'm hoping to do it at goal pace. I'm thinking I need to find an actual trail for this, so I don't have to deal with the stoplights.

Do you train with run/walk intervals? If so, what's your interval of choice?
How was your running last week?

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