Monday, September 30, 2013

Marathon Monday #9

So, apparently, I'm incapable of having two fantastic weeks of training in a row.

Last week, I missed a day of running + I failed to incorporate any strength, yoga, or cross training into my week.

Here's how it played out.

The PlanThe Reality
Mon, 9/2322 w/ Sallie
Tue, 9/245
Thu, 9/265
Fri, 9/27REST
Sat, 9/28169
Sun, 9/29REST

Certainly not a complete disaster, like two weeks ago, but definitely some room for improvement.

I shouldn't blame the weather, but it got chilly here much earlier than last fall, and the cool morning air did not help my motivation at all.

It was a real struggle to get out the door on Thursday.

I eventually did buck up and go for my run. The first mile was very slow, but I did mange to throw in some speed work. Yay!!

Saturday's long run was not so good. I don't know what possessed me to consider doing 16 miles on a dirt trail through the mountains. I made it 3 before turning around. Six total on the trail. I tried to continue running on the streets to get up to my 16 miles, but after 3 more miles, I was simply DONE!

Plus those initial 6 were much slower than I needed them to be, so I was starting to get short on time.

I spent Saturday evening at Bite of Las Vegas - a food and music festival. I was volunteering with the Firefighters of Southern Nevada, serving beer and collecting tips for the Burn Foundation.

It was so much fun! I was reminded of how much fun bartending can be, but also how much work it is. I was running around like crazy, and I'm definitely feeling it today.

I'm also definitely looking forward to doing it again next year!

Up this week? Getting back on track. Hopefully, I'll bike to work 3x this week and incorporate some strength training.

How were your workouts last week?
How do you deal with cutting a long run short?

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  1. Running trails on a mountain sounds like fun! :0) Hope you enjoy your training this week, especially biking. I need to get back on my bike at least once a week, I really enjoy it!

  2. Mountain trails does sound like fun but with my luck, I'd get chased by a would probably be a PR for me though so maybe that should be on my bucket list. Don't beat yourself up, I've yet to meet a runner who was 100% satisfied with their training. I think it's something in our genetic makeup.