Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Meet Genie!

Scion iQ

Isn't she the cutest little thing?

Jeff and I spent Labor Day at the car dealership to see what kind of a deal we could get on a new car. 6 hours later, we drove home with Genie.

Liberty is a gas guzzler with some serious rattling going on, and a bit scary to drive. She sounds like she's about to die, and nobody wants to be driving down the road when your car goes kaput!

So, we wanted to get a car with a much better MPG. We love SCION, so we were super excited about the iQ.

We'd decided on a 2013 Black Currant and had sat down to start the paperwork. While I sat there, Jeff popped back outside, and walked over to a far corner of the lot where we'd looked at a few others. He wanted one with a spoiler, and none of the ones we'd looked at yet had one, but on his way back inside, he spotted this little gem in the Pre-owned, Price Reduced section.

Blizzard Pearl was the one for us. I mean, how fitting, considering our MN history, right?

Not only is she a pretty pearly white color, and has a spoiler, but she was $3400 cheaper and only had 24,000 miles on her. Sweet!!

Genie is perfect for us!

Like all Scions, she's deceptively much bigger on the inside than she appears.

Scion iQ

Even Jeff can fit in the back comfortably! Plus they left plenty of space in the center for a foot. Not sure how comfortably 4 people would fit in the car, but 3 is great!

Since we don't often have any passengers, there is plenty of cargo space for groceries and whatnot, if we put the back seats down. There's even a nice little cubby - perfect for a small bottle jack and such.

Scion iQ

She's super fun to drive, too! A LOT different from Liberty, because she's tiny and much lower to the ground.  But she's got A/C and a radio, too!! So luxurious. :)

I already mentioned the great MPG. It boasts 36 city and 37 hwy. How are these numbers so close for city and highway? Because it's got a CVT transmission, which most hybrids use. Some say it's noisier than a regular transmission, but Genie is super quiet compared to what I'm used to.

Not only does she have great MPG, and the perfect amount of space for us, she's also pretty damn safe. With something like 11 airbags, and a Star™ Safety System including things like Smart Stop Technology™, Vehicle Stability Control, and Brake Assist, I can cruise around town with complete peace of mind.

I definitely feel safe and secure driving Genie.

Plus, did I mention how tiny and cute she was?

Scion iQ

Ok. Enough about my new car. How about the winners of the Designer Whey giveaway?

Katie, Sarah H, Jenny, Rachel, Christy, and Sarah J, email me ASAP with you shipping address, and I'll get your protein powder out to you soon.

How long did it take when you purchased your last car?

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  1. So adorable!! I have a Scion too and love it! (Although mine's not an iq) You're right, they are so much bigger inside than they look!'d you come up with her name?

    1. Thanks, Katie! Which Scion do you have? We've had two xBs and now the iQ. :)

      We came up with the name like this...
      Genie is short for Genius, like iQ. hehehe.

  2. Oh my goodness it has back seats?! How? Congrats on your new ride:)

    1. I know right? Scion is the BEST at using interior space. It really would fit 3 comfortably.