Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two on Tuesday 10/8

Just a little randomness...

1) ♫ The other night I had the strangest dream.
I sailed away to China.
In a little rowboat to find ya.
You said you had to get the laundry clean. ♫

Props if you know the song.

But seriously, the other night, I did have a strange dream. I was spectating at a triathlon. I was SO tempted to do it (and a little sad I wasn't). I've never wanted to do a triathlon, but I awoke thinking maybe it was a sign.

Jeff is not a runner, but I could probably convince him to train for a tri with me.

Something to think about for 2014. First I've got to get through marathon training. :-)

2) Let it be known that I am ALWAYS cold at work. This has been my plight since my very first post-HS job.

Normally, I don't say anything. I just am sure to always have a sweater handy. Unfortunately, my current desk is practically right under a vent.

Again, no complaints from me.

Until this morning.

Other people had been complaining yesterday, and when I walked in this morning, I could hear the vent blowing much louder than before. I went to find a maintenance man to see if anything could be done, and maybe why the fan kicked on today.

A guy came by and fiddled with a dial. Then we had this conversation.

Him: Do you feel like it's bouncing off the wall and hitting you or does it feel like it's coming directly from the vent.

Me: Directly from the vent.

Him: Well I could close the vent cover. Do you have a long stick?

Me, thinking/laughing inside:  Sure. Let me just pull one out of my desk drawer.

He then proceeded to try and pick up the metal coat track.

Him: Oh that's too heavy.

Me, thinking/shaking my head: You think.

On a positive note, he did eventually find something to shut the cover, and someone else did something to slow the fan.


What randomness are you enjoying today?

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