Thursday, December 26, 2013

January Challenge - Sun & Moon Salutations

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas yesterday! I had the day off work, but otherwise didn't do anything special. In fact, I battled a nasty headache most of the day. Booo.

We had the most delicious pumpkin pancakes for breakfast! But since I had a headache the rest of the day, I didn't feel like being in the kitchen at all, so we ordered Papa John's for dinner.

And watched 2 Batman movies. Kind of nontraditional, but it was a good day (despite the headache, which is still lingering by the way).

I've got a few end-of-the-year type posts coming at you, but I wanted to invite you to join me in January for a little New Years Challenge.

Starting Jan 1st, I'm going to challenge myself to begin and end each day with a little yoga - prepare for the day with sun salutations; prepare for bed with moon salutations.

Each day, I'd like to increase the number I do. I'm starting with 1 because I want to realistically be able to get to the end of the challenge.

So, Jan 1, I'll do 1 sun salutation in the morning and 1 moon salutation before bed.
Jan 2, I'll do 2 suns and 2 moons.

You get the idea.

If you're a more experienced yogi, and you still want to join the fun, just choose your starting number and then increase by 1 every day.

Right now, this is purely for fun, and because I want a little more yoga in my life. I might try to wrangle up a prize. I'll keep you posted, but I wanted to extend the invite now while you're thinking about the New Year.

UPDATED: I was able to secure a prize this challenge you're welcome, and I've amended it to only doing at least 1 sun and 1 moon every day. Check it out here.

Not sure what a sun or moon salutation is? I'll post some examples for you on Monday!

How was your Christmas?
What other January challenges are planning on to ring in the New Year?

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  1. I am just finishing my very first month long yoga challenge on Instagram (a friend invited me to join). I've never done yoga, but have enjoyed the challenge and learning new poses. It's also peaked my interest a bit. So I just might take you up on that challenge! Of course, I'll have to learn what those poses are first :)

    1. Thanks, Ally! They're sequences of poses rather than a single pose. I hope you join in the fun.

  2. What a fun idea!! I just thought tonight how I'd gone too long without yoga and need to do some before bed or something from now on!! I'll try to remember to join you! :)

    1. I hope you do. :-) I've never really done yoga before bed, so it will be something new for me.