Monday, December 2, 2013

Marathon Monday #18

IT'S TIME!! Marathon week is HERE!

I'm super excited and a little nervous, but mostly just EXCITED! I'll get into that more, but first, let's look at last week's training.

Without further ado, here is the final Marathon Monday (at least for this time around).

I kind of took tapering to a whole new level. AKA babying my shin, so I don't die on Saturday.

The PlanThe Reality
Mon, 11/2522
Tue, 11/264
Wed, 11/27RESTREST
Thu, 11/283
Fri, 11/29REST
Sat, 11/307REST
Sun, 12/1REST

See what I mean?

So, you can probably guess why I'm a little bit nervous for Saturday. Last week, I was experiencing a sharp pain in my right shin. Even when I was just walking. It's feeling better now, so I think I'll be okay on Saturday. I intend to keep massaging and icing this week and hope that helps even more. :)

My longest training run was only 19 miles, and I straight up walked the final 3-6 miles.

I wasn't as consistent with the training as I'd hoped to be setting out, but I've done this before (10 years ago), and I KNOW I can do it again.

I'm going into this with NO expectations - other than to HAVE FUN!! I'm so stoked to share this weekend with Katie, and I know that no matter what happens on Saturday, we'll have a blast.

Up this week? The marathon. Duh! Of course, to prepare for a successful marathon, I need to be sure and eat extra healthy this week and drink LOTS of water. I'm hoping to get in a 5 miler tomorrow for Laura's Fall 5 or 10 virtual series, but other than that I'll probably do a lot more resting.

What's the most fun you've ever had during a race?

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  1. I'm not a runner, but I truly admire those who are! I hope you get back to feeling better before your race!

  2. I think that was very smart of you to take time to rest before your marathon. As someone once told me, "the work is in the barn", so I don't think tapering a week early will make a difference. The most fun I've ever had during a race was during an obstacle race I did with a friend. It ended with crawling though a giant mud pit.

  3. Good Luck and I just know you are going to have a blast! I love, love, love races with friends, you just can't beat it. I cant wait to hear all about it and read your recap. Ice that shin up if you can, and do some foam rolling, it will help ;) Good luck, rock it girl!

    1. Thanks, Flower! I'm mostly a solo runner, so I'm looking forward to running with a friend. My first 2 marathons were run solo, because I was a bad sister and ditched her - even though it was my idea for us to run them. :-( Looking back, I kind of regret that.

  4. I hope you'll be ok!! But we'll be together, so we can push eachother. And you're right, no matter what, we''re gonna have a blast!!

    1. I think I'll be fine. I ran 5 miles this morning. If I can run 5, surely I can run 26.2, right?