Friday, December 27, 2013

My Year of Running 2013

Where did 2013 go? Seems like just the other day I was making my 2013 resolutions. I didn't do a great job of sticking to them this year, so I'll probably not do a full recap post.

My running goal for 2013 was to run a sub-25 min 5k. About halfway through the year, I decided to change the goal from speed to endurance. 5 months later, I ran my 1st marathon in 10 years.

Though my goal changed, I think I had a pretty great year of running.

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What was my:

Best Race Experience? Hands down my marathon. It wasn't a PR. It wasn't easy. It cold. It was difficult. BUT it was AMAZING. Running such a long distance with a friend was an incredible experience.

Runner up? The Run for a Wish 5K. This is my current 5K PR race, and I totally gave it my ALL during this race. I finished STRONG and was blown away when I stopped my watch at 27:09.

Best run? I had so many great runs this year. The 18 miles I ran after the LV Balloon Festival stands out as one of my favorites, though.

Runner up? Valley of Fire Half Marathon. Yes, technically this was another race, but I wasn't racing this one. The course was hilly, and I'd been having some shin pain the week or two prior. I was going to skip it, but ended up switching to the 10K, and then switched back to the half at packet pickup. It was one of the most beautiful courses I'd ever run, and I felt so great taking it easy and just enjoying the course.

Best new piece of gear? Do compression socks count as gear? Then definitely my first pair of ProCompression socks.

Runner up? My Soleus GPS watch. It's not super fancy, but I love being able to monitor my pace/distance during my runs. Yay!

Best piece of advice I received? Um. Listen to my body. Sometimes that means taking it easy; sometimes it means pushing it.

Most inspirational runner? It's probably no surprise, but I'm going to go with Katie at From Ice Cream to Marathon. She's amazing! 2013 was the year of her first 3 marathons, and now she's training for a 100-mile ultra. She's crazy, and so inspiring.

If I could sum up my year in a couple of words, what would they be? Awesome. Challenging. Fun. Crazy. Perfect.

How was your year of running?

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  1. Love the page, your own domain :) I like that idea. The compression socks are a great color! I love mine for recovery, they really do help. Congrats on the marathon and the speedy 5K time

  2. Thank you, Clarinda!! That means so much to me. :)
    I'm so jealous of your amazing 5k time! That is definitely my goal for next year!!

    1. Oh, Katie! You're so welcome. :) Good luck on working toward a faster 5k + an ultra! See what I mean? AMAZING!!