Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Listicles - 10 THINGS NEW

Happy New Year Monday Listiclers!

Oh, how I've missed you! I went away during marathon training when I started posting weekly training recaps on Mondays, but I'm back in 2014!!

Not sure what Monday Listicles is? Each week Stasha over at The good life hosts a blog hop where we all create a list based on a topic. Or off topic. Whatever.

To start off 2014, I'll be staying on topic.


We've gotten a LOT of new things recently, so this should be an easy one. :)

1. New bowls. I'm planning on lots of soup this week and maybe for the next couple months. Better have some cute bowls to go with it.

2. New robes. It's cold here in Vegas. Well, cold for walking back from the hot tub in just a bikini, so we got these heavy, hooded, warm robes.

Disregard Jeff's expression. It was early Christmas morning. :)
3. New clothes. I spruced up my closet with H&M. I'm not really big on buying clothes online, but these were such great deals. So excited that everything fit, too!! Woot woot!! I also got a great dress from The Gap and a few things from Walmart.

4. New kitchen toy. I'd been wanting a griddle since my parents came to visit. We got this fun little thing instead. You can only make about 4 pancakes at a time, but that's way better than the 1 at a time I was doing in the skillet before. :)

5. New workout bench. It acts as a roman chair and a triceps dip stations. Also good for sit-ups and push-ups.

6. New shower mirror. Real, true fogless mirror! You actually put water in the back to equalize the temperature of the glass, so it doesn't fog up. Jeff tried it out last night, and it worked great!

fogless shower mirror
Disregard the crookedness of the picture. #bloggerfail

7. New running hat. This was a Christmas gift from my boss. Isn't it cute?!

8. New massage wand. This thing is intense. Or not. I mean it's adjustable. Plus there is a heat option as well.

9. New shower head. Variable water pressure. Like you're in a heavy rain or a torrential rain.

shower head

And my favorite.

10. New phone. I'd been wanting to replace my Galaxy SII pretty much since Instagram came out with video, so in time for the New Year, I got the new Nexus 5. I'm in LOVE though I do miss the ringtones from the SII.

nexus 5

What's new with you?

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  1. Visiting from Listicles. Kinda lovin' that workout bench. I need a new one!

  2. Wow! You made out well :) Here's my list:


  3. Wow! Lots of new stuff up in here! I've got some new workout capris and a pair of pants.... I think that is it.

  4. LOTS :-)
    new me

  5. Totally going to surprise my husband with that fogless mirror!

  6. That fogless mirror is great! Never heard of it before!

    1. Other fogless mirrors are usually chemically treated to prevent fogging, but we've never had much luck with them. This one actually equalizes the temp, so it works a lot better.

  7. Wow. A fogless mirror. Who knew? I'm also coveting your griddle. The one pancake at a time in the skillet thing doesn't go so well for a family of 5. Thanks for sharing your list. Happy new year!

    1. I'm just a family of 2, and one at a time was killing me! I can't imagine doing it for a family of 5. :-)

  8. There's just something about new dishes... We got a set of new-to-us Denby a couple months ago & I still get excited about having a matching teapot, mugs, creamer jug & sugar dish. :)

  9. I'm kinda bumming not being able to post video on Instagram right now! Yay for a new phone!

    1. I had a hard time justifying a new phone just to do video. Thankfully, my SII started developing a nasty habit of randomly turning off, so I decided to take the plunge. :)