Friday, January 24, 2014

Fitness Friday 1/24

Not too much to say this morning, so here's a little update on my #sunmoonchallenge.

With just a couple hiccups, I've been pretty good with the sun salutations, but the moons have been a lot more difficult to maintain. This past week has been the most difficult. My cold was a bit worse. Not terrible. Not enough to keep me home from work. Just enough to have that icky, mucus dripping down my throat, nastiness that makes you crazy!!

As for my weekly recap, I didn't do the best this week. :(

Friday, 1/17
  • #sunmoonchallenge - 7 suns, 0 moons
  • walked 4-5 miles to the Stratosphere and home again
Saturday, 1/18
Sunday, 1/19
  • #sunmoonchallenge - 19 suns, 0 moons
  • 6.2 mile run
Monday, 1/20
  • #sunmoonchallenge - 20 suns, 0 moons
Tuesday, 1/21

Wednesday, 1/22
  • #sunmoonchallenge - 22 suns, 0 moons
Thursday, 1/23
  • #sunmoonchallenge - 7 suns, 1 moon

I was a lot less mucusy when I woke up this morning, so I'm hoping that I'm on the mend.

So, the challenge hasn't been perfect, but I'm hoping to finish the month out strong. I've still got one week to go.

Random thoughts about the doing the salutations.

I'm loving the suns in the morning. I always start out real slow with them. Letting myself really sink into the poses. The first few are always so tight, and it feels amazing to stretch it out.

I can have ZERO distractions when doing the suns. Even if the thoughts in my head stray from my practice, I lose count (even with my clicker app) and forget which foot to move back or forward.

Moon salutations are easy to forget. I usually push my bedtime to the last minute, and then I crawl right into bed. Some nights I remember, and simply don't want to crawl back out of bed.

Moon salutations both get my heart pumping and relax me for sleep. The first couple of nights, I was really amazed at how I felt after doing a moon salutation or two. My heart would be really pumping, but I was surprised at how I simultaneously felt jazzed and ready for sleep.

Breathing. Sometimes I have a difficult time breathing. I've had doctors check it out in the past, and they ruled out asthma, but couldn't really offer a diagnosis. It comes and goes. Could be stress-related. Anyway, I was really hoping that a month of yoga would help with the breathing issues. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened. The past few days have been the worst. What are you gonna do? Just keep going, I guess.

Are you doing the January Challenge with me? What are your experiences with the challenge? Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a Barefoot Eco Yoga Mat. If you haven't joined the challenge, why not start today?


Any exciting weekend plans? Jeff has really caught the yoga bug, so we're planning on having a yoga weekend. We recently got a few new yoga toys that we're excited to try. Like this yoga trapeze.

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  1. I have no exciting weekend plans other than possibly attempting to run outside with this Polar Vortex in single-digit degree weather. Pray for me!!!!

    1. Good luck! Will be thinking of you while doing yoga outside on our patio. :-)

  2. Ugh, I hope you are feeling better! I don't know a lot about the suns and the moons. About how long does it take you to do these each day?

    1. Hi Angie! One sun salutation takes about 30-45 sec; one moon is about 3 min. That said this morning I did 24 suns, and it took me about 40 min with all my little breaks for breathing and water and such.

  3. Am intrigued will have to

  4. I hope that cold is on the mend. It has been below 20 here all week so I've done very little running or anything this week. Plus it was my son's birthday so I've been out two nights eating lol I bet the view from the Stratosphere was great! We went up it once but it was our first trip out to Vegas, which was in the 90's lol I remember feeling nervous!

    1. The view from the Stratosphere was amazing, but I bet it was a lot different from the 90s.

    2. The strip has changed! we went back about 4 years and I couldn't believe the difference. I love it.

  5. I don't have anything exciting planned this weekend, but I definitely have a lot of cleaning and laundry to do. Booooo! I've never heard of this challenge!

    1. Yeah. I had a bunch of cleaning and laundry to do, too. No fun! :-(

  6. Way to go with the challenge! Yoga trapeze? Can't wait to hear more :)

    1. The trapeze is quite fun! I'm planning on posting more about it this week for Fitness Friday. Stay tuned. :-)