Friday, January 31, 2014

Fitness Friday 1/31 - February's Plan


I, for one, am really happy it's Friday and also very tired of these super long weeks that drag on and on and on.

Enough negativity!

It's the last day of January, and if you read yesterday's post, you know I'm pretty happy with how January ended. I'm feeling good about my goals so far this year. Yay! January was a bit lackluster with the Fitness arena, so I'm definitely going to kick it up a notch in February.

I've got a half marathon and Ragnar Zion coming up in April, and I really want to train well for them. Ragnar Zion is the week immediately following my half, and since trail running is not my forte, I've decided to try and follow the Ragnar Intermediate Training Guide.

Training will start on Monday!!

The plan starts with just 3 runs/week and increases to 5/week. It also includes Active Rest days and Cross Training. For February, I plan on doing my Strong Stride DVD on the Active Rest days and doing yoga on the Cross Training days. I've also thrown in some arm days. Oh, and added more yoga to the weekends. Sundays are technically REST days, but there may be some yoga on some of those days as well.

I spent WAY too much time trying to put together a little calendar to share with you. I couldn't really get an image together that I love, so I'm just embedding a Google calendar for now. If you're reading this 1/31, just click the arrow to advance the calendar to February. :-)

I'm excited for this plan, and hope that I can stick to it!

Training plans are usually difficult for me, but I really want to be consistent with this training, so fingers crossed!!

What are your fitness plans for February?
Any big races on your horizon?

I'm linking up Jill for Fitness Fridays. Go check it out!

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  1. I didn't even know you could embed a calendar like that - pretty cool! :) I don't have any races on the schedule until April, because I wanted to get as much snowboarding in this season as possible and didn't want training to get in the way. Priorities. :)

    1. My races aren't until April, but I'm starting training now. :-) I want to kill them. Lol.
      Maybe I should do a tutorial on embedding calendars...

  2. Great schedule! I keep mine on outlook!

  3. Whoo! I always get excited when I see that someone is going to run a Ragnar. I've run Ragnar TN two years in a row and it's by far the most fun race I've ever participated in. Is this your first Ragnar?

    1. Love LOVE Ragnar! This will be my 4th - 2 traditional, 2 trail. I'm not much of a trail runner, so I'm hoping to really stick to this training plan.

  4. I'm so jealous you get to run a Ragnar. I'm determined to find a team and date that works!

    1. Good luck! There are still spots on our team, if you're interested.