Sunday, January 26, 2014

What's for Dinner? Week of 1/26

menu planning

Our little Sallie pup had surgery on Friday. She's doing well, but her recovery has kind of thrown our weekend for a loop. She refuses to wear the medical cone, so we need to keep her under close supervision to keep her from scratching her sutures.

Sallie, border terrier

It's so hard for us, because she's been whimpering a lot, and we don't know what's wrong. It hasn't even been two days yet, but I think she's start to feel better. Not quite to her full peppiness but definitely on her way.

Since Jeff will be going to the store on his own today, so I can stay home with Sallie, I'm keeping the meal plan real simple. Time to clean out the freezer. :)

Sunday - Broccoli cheese roll-ups with some canned soup

Broccoli Cheese Roll-ups

Monday - Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Chili (from the freezer) over a baked potato
I made this a couple weeks ago and froze about half of it. Hopefully it thaws well.

Tuesday - Leftovers
Probably more of the taco chili, but over rice. :)

Wednesday - Chicken Parmesan Soup (from the freezer)
Jeff really LOVED this soup, and he was delighted when he found out that there was more in the freezer. Again, I'm kind of new to freezing leftovers, so fingers crossed this reheats well.

Thursday - Leftovers

Friday - Grilled Sandwiches

Saturday - TBD

I'm linking up with Laura over at Mommy Run Fast. Go check out what everyone else is cooking up this week.

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  1. The Brocolli Cheese roll ups look delicious! So sorry to hear about your dog....hope she feels better soon!

    1. So simple and so tasty.

      Thanks. I hope she's back to 100% soon, too.

  2. We really need to get our freezer stocked up with meals for weeks like that.. hope she feels better!

    1. I'm so happy we had some things in the freezer! Took a load off not having to really make a plan.

  3. We freeze our chili in ziploc bags for camping trips and just let it thaw for a bit before throwing it in the pot. Comes out great!

    Hope Sallie feels better quick.

  4. Aw, poor pup! What kind of surgery? Our poor dog hated the hard plastic cone. Because she was going to have to wear it for several weeks, we bought the soft one - huge difference. The vet told me that there was something about the soft ones that made them relax but I was skeptical, until we tried it. Much better. Hopefully your girl won't have to do it for long though and you won't have to go that route!

    1. She had a couple of lumps removed. Thankfully, it wasn't anything serious. I wonder if she would have liked a soft one better.

  5. Poor doggie! It's so hard that they can't just tell you what is wrong.

    I love to pull meals out of the freezer. We just made minestrone soup tonight and I have a big jar all ready for the freezer tomorrow. The Chicken Parm soup sounds great!

    1. I know. It breaks our hearts when we just have to guess.

      Minestrone soup sounds good!

  6. Awww, I hope Sallie gets to feeling better! Have a good week ")