Sunday, February 9, 2014

10 Things in Our Apt Which Needed to be Fixed

When we moved into our apartment, they let us move in 10 days early. Even though we'd been watching the progress by the maintenance men, we were assured that it would be in move-in condition.

We were wrong.

Here is a list of the top 10 things that weren't fixed when we moved in:

1. Toilets wouldn't flush properly
2. Broken window
3. Cabinet under kitchen sink was broken and hanging askew
4. Walls needed to be painted
5. Water damage in spare room
6. Stove has mismatched oven racks and burner pans
7. Dishwasher was mildewy and wouldn't drain properly
8. Screen door to the patio was missing
9. Weather stripping was worn and incorrectly installed
10. Window pane needed to be sealed in place

And it only took SEVEN months, and a LOT of follow-up from Jeff, to get everything fixed or replaced. :-)

The theme for this week's Monday Listicles came from Christine. Now, why not head on over to Stasha's to read everyone else's lists.

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  1. Go Jeff! stinks when you move into a place with broken and icky products. We rent and a few things were just gross. The dishwasher was nasty...but we use it at pot and pan storage anyway.

  2. When we moved in (it was December), we didn't have a screen door either..and the manager brought it to us in April. He knocked on the door (and I wasn't properly dressed), and asked if he could come back, and he told me that if I didn't get it now, I wouldn't have one. The nerve....

  3. That is such a pain.
    My ice maker is currently broken and that is enough to drive me crazy.

  4. What a hassle!! Aggravates me when folks don't do a job right the first time, and then have the nerve to get miffed with YOU for requesting it!! Ergh. Glad you got it all done - eventually. :)

    1. Yeah. It was pretty ridiculous for awhile there. Especially when the manager wouldn't believe us when we said the walls hadn't been painted. She kept insisting that they had paid for it, so it must have been done. Lol. Then she came for a walk though and was horrified (and probably embarrassed).

  5. Glad you got all fixed like it should have been for you! How crazy it takes so long to get maintenance to do the right thing.

    1. Yep. They're more about saving money sometimes than doing things right. :(