Thursday, February 6, 2014

Three Things Thursday 2/6

This week seems to really be flying by! I can hardly believe it's already Thursday. Yay!! Almost Friday. :-)

I've got a few exciting things to share!

1. I ran the first race for this round of #5bythe5th virtual race series and GOT A PR! I waited until the 5th to run it because I had a tempo run on schedule for the 5th and thought that would be perfect! Turns out it was! It was only in the 40s, so I wore my new Crazy Compression sleeves and a LS shirt. I was still cold, but I think that made me run a bit faster. I was listening to one of my favorite Rock My Run mixes - Grrl Power. I tried to use the music to push me faster instead of just singing along. Whenever I was tempted to sing, I thought, If you can sing, you can run faster. So instead of singing, I'd run faster.

Here are the numbers:
Total Time27:04
Avg Pace8:49 min/mile
Mile 18:38 min
Mile 28:45 min
Mile 38:41 min
3.1:59 min

I was pleasantly surprised - not only with the PR, but with actually pushing myself to run a tempo run. This is probably one of the few races I feel like I actually raced. With a goal of getting a sub-25:00 5k, I need to keep up with the tempo runs (and other speed work), but I feel like I'm heading in the right direction.

2. Don't forget that tomorrow is National Wear Red Day! Katie at From Ice Cream to Marathon and I are co-hosting a little linky party to celebrate - Wear Red Selfies. Be sure and stop back by tomorrow to share your selfie and why you're wearing red. For more information on heart disease and National Wear Red Day, visit

Feel free to snag this little button for your post.

Wear Red Selfies

If you're not a blogger and still want to link up with us, you can still link up. I'll tell you how in tomorrow's post.

3. Jeff and I have some exciting plans for this weekend! I posted a teaser pic on Instagram last night. Can you guess what we'll be doing? Hint: I has nothing to do with the bikes in the background of the picture.

What's exciting you today?

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  1. Are you going fishing? I can't tell what I'm looking at so it makes it hard to guess. I'm excited for this tomorrow. I'm going "Downtown" since I scored a great deal on two tickets to Lady Antebellum!

    1. Nope. Not fishing. It's a tough one for sure. Have fun at the show! Definitely something to be excited about.

  2. Great job on the PR! The GRRL power mix sounds fun.

  3. Congrats on the PR. It is hard for me to really race when it is a virtual race.
    My school is letting us dress down and wear red tomorrow.

    1. Thanks, Abby! Yeah. Sometimes it's hard pushing yourself during a virtual, but sometimes I have a hard time pushing it IRL, too. :D Maybe that's just me.

      I actually chose to dress up for #WearRedDay. Hope you'll stop by and link up your dressed down Red. Linky will be open for a week. :)

  4. Great time on the 5 miler :) You got to love runs that go like that!

    1. Thanks! It's the best when everything aligns just right and an awesome run is the result. :)

  5. Awesome job on the PR! I can't wait to be as fast as you someday. :)
    Ok, are you painting?

    1. It wasn't too long ago that I never thought I'd be that fast. I'm still surprised. :)

      No, not painting. It's something outdoors. Hopefully it will be nice enough outside to still do it.

  6. Great job with your PR!! I'm jealous that you were able to run outside. I had to do my 5 by the 5th inside because of ice. :/

    1. Ice is the worst! :( Hope you get outside for the next one.

  7. Wow!! So, so proud of you with your pr!

  8. Thanks, Laura! It was a very happy surprise. :)