Thursday, April 10, 2014

Around Vegas...

April is off to a great start! No waiting until the last day to check off some of our 2014 goals. :)

On April 1st, we attended our neighbor's wedding. It was a fun little wedding at The Aria. That, in itself, could probably count as something New in 2014 (our first Vegas wedding), but after the wedding, we went to Kaya Sushi to check off our 2nd New Restaurant instead.

If you like all-you-can-eat sushi, this is the place for you!

Of course, if you know Jeff and me at all, you know we don't like fish or seafood, so sushi isn't exactly on the top of our list.

Instead, we ordered a few non-sushi items, like lettuce wraps.

Sushi Kaya Vegas

Which still had fish or something in them, but I mustered my way through.

We also had a beef bowl (Jeff), teriyaki chicken (me) and bacon wrapped asparagus (Jeff). The food was pretty good (for us non-seafood/fish lovers).

I can't forget to mention the Strawberry Soju. I'm still not sure what it was - other than delicious!

Sushi Kaya Vegas

We were in our own private room for the wedding party, but I got to check out the rest of the restaurant when I went to the bathroom. It was super cute and cozy looking! Almost made me wish I loved sushi because the restaurant just had a feel to it that made me want to come back again and again.

On April 4th, we headed to Ageless Ascension Day Spa. We'd bought a Groupon back in January, and thought this would be the perfect time to redeem.

Now, we've definitely had massages before, but this was our first time ever getting a couples massage.

Unfortunately, we were quite disappointed. Boooo.

We arrived 15+ minutes early for our appointment, and then had to wait for 30+ minutes after our appt time for anyone to come and get us. They did put us in a little waiting area, and that would have been fine for 10-15 minutes. But after 45+ minutes it was just annoying and kind of soured us to the whole experience.

The room was set-up nicely, and the massage therapists were nice enough, but the massages weren't nearly as good as we'd had in the past. :(

I guess not everything we try in 2014 will be winners.

We might try another couples massage, but we'd definitely want to check out a different spa.

Do you like sushi?
Ever had a couples massage?

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