Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4 Tips to Relieve Stress

Let's face it. We all have stress in our lives.  Kids, work, school, finances are just a few of the common things that may spike our stress levels.

Since we can't really avoid it, here are a few ways I like to de-stress just a bit.

4 Tips to De-Stress Your Life
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4 Tips to De-Stress Your Life

1. Pamper Yourself. Take a bubble bath with a glass of wine or your favorite tea. Don't forget the candles. :) There's just something about being in a darkened room, enveloped in warm bubbly water that can wash away your stress. You can also use this time to think through your troubles.

2. Make a list. This might seem stressful at first, but in times of real high stress, it might be helpful to make a list of what is adding to your stress. Perhaps a column of things that are Controllable and things that are Uncontrollable. That way you can focus your energies on what you can control instead of dwelling on things beyond your control.

How do you de-stress? Check out these tips from @EnjoytheCourse!

3. Talk it out. Find someone you trust and just talk through things that are worrying you or causing you stress. I'm grateful to have Jeff, who is always willing to listen. And offer advice. Sometimes you want advice. Sometimes you just need to vent. Either way, it's better than keeping it bottled up.

4. Go for a run. You know I couldn't leave this one out. Getting out for a run can release powerful endorphins, giving you that runner's high, and help to ease some of your worries. Plus, it provides a nice distraction from your thoughts OR an opportunity to really think things out. Or talk things out, if you're running with a friend.

Running. Cheaper than Therapy.

Not a runner? Yoga is especially nice for stress-relief, but really any form of exercise will help relieve some stress.

What is your favorite way to de-stress?

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  1. I think we could all pamper ourselves a bit more. I typically run it out. But love the idea of the lists.

  2. I am a huge list maker for this reason!

  3. Great list tip! I like the idea of sorting out the controllable and uncontrollable. I do find after a run my messy house bothers me a lot less lol

    1. Sometimes I'm so wiped out after a run that NOTHING can bother me. Lol.

  4. Run and workout. Guaranteed to de-stress!

  5. Go for a run or walk is very helpful method to calm our mind. If you want to try easy remedy then take stress dietary supplements.