Saturday, April 5, 2014

Stewart & Ogden at the Downtown Grand

If you read this post, you might remember just how fast March flew by! Suddenly, it was the end of the month, and Jeff and I hadn't done anything new!

The easiest solution would be to check out a new restaurant. It would not only count for something New in 2014...

Enjoying the Course | New in 2014

But also checks off a new restaurant (our goal is at least 3 this year).

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So, on 3/31 (nothing like last minute) I jumped on Yelp and searched for nearby Hot New Businesses. Stewart & Ogden in the new Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino sounded perfect!

Sometimes finding a restaurant in a Vegas casino can be a little tricky, but this was super easy to find! It's right on the casino floor and a pretty straight shot from the valet.

Stewart & Ogden, Downtown Grand, Las Vegas

It has kind of a fancy diner feel to it with the style of tables/chairs and booths along the perimeter. The booths were round rather than the more typical face-to-face booths. I think it adds a little elegance to sitting in a booth. :) The material of the booths was a little grippy and difficult to just slide in, but it was nice that it wasn't super slippery. I think I'd prefer grippy over slippery any day.

Not sure if it was just because we went on a Monday night, but it wasn't very busy - which wasn't bad since we got some pretty excellent service/attention from our waiter, Geo.

Geo was super helpful in recommending items on the menu and telling us a little about the chef and why his food is so good. :)

We started with the Pub Cheese served with homemade pita chips.

Pub Cheese, Stewart & Ogden, Downtown Grand, Las Vegas

This was one of their specialties, and it was absolutely delicious. The flavor of the dip was so good, and the chips were perfectly fried.

For entrees, we ordered the Club Sandwich because we couldn't resist the Boar's Head turkey. :)

Club Sandwich, Stewart & Ogden, Downtown Grand, Las Vegas

The sandwich came with the choice of french fries, tater tots, or cole slaw. We opted for the tater tots, and OMG these were the best tater tots EVER! I think I'd go back to Stewart & Ogden for the tater tots alone. ;) They were perfectly crispy on the outside and not at all mushy on the inside.

The sandwich was pretty tasty as well.

We also tried the Old Fashioned Rib Eye.

Ribeye, Stewart & Ogden, Downtown Grand, Las Vegas

Jeff ate most of the steak, because I wasn't a huge fan. It was a little too fatty for us, but the flavor was really good. I really only like asparagus when I make it at home, so I let Jeff eat the side of asparagus, since I didn't care for it. We both thought the potatoes were really good, though.

The chef offered a special the night we were there to add a crab cake to any steak order for only $5. We don't tend to like any seafood, but Geo's description of this crab cake made us want to give it a try.

Crab Cakes, Stewart & Ogden, Downtown Grand, Las Vegas

The crab cakes turned out to still be a bit too crabby for me, so I let Jeff eat most of it. He didn't love it either, but for someone that enjoys crab cakes, these are probably really good. Just not for us. :)

After all that food, we just didn't have any room for dessert! I bet they're really good, though, because the p√Ętissier is one of the best in town, according to our waiter. :)

We've decided that we really need to remember to only order one entree to share in the future, so we have room for dessert. lol.

When you try a new restaurant, do you tend to try new items or stick to food you know you'll love?

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