Saturday, May 31, 2014

May in Review

I think that May might have gone even faster than April! CRAZY!

Here are a few highlights.

We started the month by running/walking a 5k. Race for the Cure.

Race for the Cure 2014 | Las Vegas, NV

We spent the next weekend on Catalina Island for my cousin's wedding. We also went SCUBA diving in the ocean before the wedding and I went for a run the next day.

I also did some sun salutations on the beach, which I didn't really blog about but had a great time doing.

Yoga on the Beach | Catalina Island, CA

We took a weekend off the 3rd weekend, but then I ran a half marathon and a 5k the 4th weekend. It was a gorgeous day for a race, and I had a great time - despite exacerbating an injury I'd been ignoring.

Trails of Fury | Las Vegas, NV

I also had a great time participating in Namaste in May with Fitfluential and MPG Sports. There was a different yoga pose challenge each day, and I did a version of each pose - missing only a few. Yay!

Now let me check in with the old 2014 goals.

Individual Goals

Fitness goals - Run Faster and Train Harder
Can't say I really devoted anytime to this in May. :( I think I may have had one speed training session. Boo. Overall my training wasn't as good as it should have been, but there's always next month. LOL.

Blogging goals
Blogging in May definitely could have been better. I checked in with my Google Analytics this morning only to find out that my pageviews had dropped significantly. Guess I have some work to do to build things back up again.

Goals with Jeff

Run a Triathlon. No news on this yet. Well, except the we've decided against running the Solana Beach Triathlon. There were a lot of reasons why we decided not to do this one, but the ocean swim was definitely a big one.

Read 3 books together. Maybe in June...?

New in 2014. SCUBA diving in the ocean!

Enriching Activities. Nothing in May, but I think we're still good on this. :)

What was your biggest highlight from May?
How are you doing with your 2014 goals?

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  1. My speed work has kind of gone by the wayside this past month too, I am going to work on that in June :) Scuba diving together was awesome! You had a very jam packed May!! I am on track this year with my goals, but I need to work on mixing it up and creating some new adventures!

    1. New adventures are the BEST! :) How exciting that you're on track with your goals. Isn't that such a great feeling?

    2. Being on track does feel satisfying. I did start looking at places I have never been to that are a reasonable driving distance:) Looking for a mini adventure for June!

  2. I love that you split your goals into categories. I suppose mine fit into health, business, kids, and you make me think I should probably have a husband category :/ good luck with your goals this month!

    1. Thanks, Kristin! Maybe next year, you should have a husband category. lol.

  3. I love it when bloggers share their goals! And you've outlined yours so nicely! How fun! Jealous of your running...I'm anxiously awaiting Baby #2 and can't run right now. So looking forward to setting some running goals for the fall season!

  4. You had a great May! Hard to believe it's June isn't it! I saw the yoga challenge on instagram. Did it already start? Thanks!

  5. Great month! I love your half marathon picture. I've been lagging on the speed work too and it's always hard to get it going again in the summer! Can't wait to hear about the tri. Is it your first?

    1. Speed work in the summer is SO HARD! But I guess if you can run hard in the heat, then you'll be that much better off when it cools off. :)

      When we finally decide on a triathlon, it will be a first for both of us. Exciting!!