Sunday, May 18, 2014

What's for Dinner? Week of 5/18

I actually did pretty well with my workouts this past week! Yay!! I've still got a little ways to go until I feel like I'm really back in the groove, but I'm pretty happy with how it went last week.

Monday, 5/12 - REST

Tuesday, 5/13 - The 15-minute Bye-Bye Arm Jiggle Workout. 5-lb weights. 1 set.

Wednesday, 5/14 - AM - 15 min yoga. Focused on backbends, forward fold, and crow. PM - 3 mile trail run at Cottonwood Valley.

Thursday, 5/15 - 10 min morning yoga sequence. Crow.

Friday, 5/16 - REST

Saturday, 5/17 - 7.45 mile trail run.

Sunday, 5/18 - REST

#FFYoga Update - I'm still doing pretty good with this challenge. I got a pretty good bruise on my arm from Crow on Thursday, so I did skip yesterday's pose - Side Crow. Plus, I figured if I couldn't manage crow, there was no way I could do side crow. Let's focus on one at a time. :)

What's next? Saturday is Trails of Fury. I'll be running a Half Marathon in the AM and a 5K in the evening. I'm pretty nervous about it, but I know I'll survive it.

what's for dinner?

We actually were around Saturday morning to pick up Bountiful Baskets. Yay! First time in several weeks. I'm pretty excited about all the delicious produce filling my fridge.

Here's what I'll be cooking up for dinner this week.

Sunday Vegan Not-Meatloaf

Monday - Buffalo Lime Chicken and Mexican Corn

Tuesday - Leftovers

Wednesday - Pasta with Sausage

Thursday - Baked Potato Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Parmesan-Crusted Daikon Radish Fries

Friday - Garlicky pasta with veggie

Saturday - Leftovers

I'm linking up with Laura over at Mommy Run Fast and Jill at Fitness, Health, & Happiness. Go check out what everyone else is cooking up this week.

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  1. The baked potato grilled cheese sounds great.

  2. Baked Potato Grilled Cheese? That sounds interesting. Off to check out the link. I would love to get Bountiful Baskets!

    1. I LOVE Bountiful Baskets. They really help me to include more produce in my diet.

  3. Great job on the yoga! The back to back runs on Saturday sound intense- but a fun challenge!

  4. Wow, that grilled cheese looks amazing! I'm adding it to my menu for next week. Can't wait to read about your runs on Saturday.

    1. I've never tried it, so I'm hoping it turns out as good as it sounds. How couldn't it?!

  5. Ooh trail running is so much fun, it beats the road any day for me! I'm sure you'll do great with your races, don't be nervous!! Oh I wish I could do a side crow...I'm way too scared to try that one!

    1. Regular crow is hard enough. Side Crow is just crazy! :-D

  6. Can't wait to hear about your races, that's awesome! Those meals look amaaaazing!!

    1. Thanks, Katie. I hope the races go well. :-) George will be there to keep me on track at least.