Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ultimate Coffee Date

Good morning! So, yeah, I'm a week late to the party, but I still have a few things I wanted to share and didn't want to wait all the way until July!

Plus, who doesn't like a little coffee date with your closest blogging friends anytime of the month.

The Ultimate Coffee Date Link-up

If we were having coffee this morning... I would tell you all about my secret surprise. I'm super excited about it, and I can't wait to tell you everything. Unfortunately, I still need to keep it a secret for now. Don't want to ruin the surprise, on the off chance a certain someone reads my blog. lol.

If we were having coffee this morning... I'd definitely tell you all about how I sent a link to a race to my husband yesterday that would be a perfect birthday race for me this year, and he responded with, "I say for sure we do it, but let's not register until 7/20 something, cuz maybe by then I could try for the half." What?! My non-runner husband, after YEARS of me running solo, wants to maybe run a half with me?!?! I nearly fell out of my chair at work when I read his message. So now, I'm going to figure out an 8-week training plan for a beginner, and we'll see how it goes after 4 weeks of training. I'm happy just running a 10k with him, but how fun would it be to do a half!

If we were having coffee this morning... I'd certainly invite you all to come celebrate my birthday, too! The race is in Rachel, NV - about 2-2.5 hours from Las Vegas. It's a midnight race near Area 51, along the Extra-Terrestrial Highway. There's a 10k, HM, Marathon, and even a 51k option, for all you crazy ultra runners. And maybe we'll see some UFOs.

If we were having coffee this morning... I'd show you pictures of my work outfits this past week. I went shopping last weekend, and had a closet full of cute new clothes and had so much fun actually dressing up for work this week. And taking fun pictures after work - except for Thurs, cuz I was hot and changed right away to jump in the pool.

I looked and felt good every day!

New dress from Dressbarn  |
New dress from |
New outfit from Charlotte Russe |
New outfit from Charlotte Russe |

If we were having coffee this morning... I'd tell you that even though I looked and felt great this past week with all my new clothes, I do have some body issues I that am trying to work on. I have this very sexy yellow dress that has been hanging in my closet for nearly 2 years now. My goal is to be able to rock that dress for my birthday. I'd love to turn some heads at a Vegas nightclub my birthday weekend, so I started this Little Black Dress challenge (even though my goal dress is yellow) the other day. I'm on day 4, a rest day, and it's gonna start getting REAL now. The first 3 days were pretty easy, but by Day 9, it will be INTENSE!

30 Day LBD Challenge |

If we were having coffee this morning, what would you tell me?

Why not grab a cup of coffee, relax for awhile, and catch up with some other bloggers at the Ultimate Coffee Date?

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  1. And now I really want to know what the secret surprise is.

    1. Lol. The surprise is next weekend, so you won't have to wait too long. :-)

  2. Clarinda...register for the half. I did that a few months ago for the Napa Valley Zooma race and it gave me the motivation to work on my goal. I am two weeks away from the race and am feeling that I will complete it. You can dot it:)

    1. Hey, Lynda. I have no problem registering for the half, but my husband if very new to running. I don't want to pressure him, so we'll see how training going for the first 4 weeks and then decide. :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. OMG I just added a race to my "bucket list" :)