Sunday, June 15, 2014

What's for Dinner? Week of 6/15

I did THE craziest thing last week - I started a 30-day challenge. In the middle of the month. In the middle of the week! I'm usually one who waits until the 1st of the month or a Monday to start a challenge, but I started the Little Black Dress Challenge last Wednesday on June 11. Weird! But it's off to a great start.

Actually, after 3 relatively easy days of the challenge (day 4 was a rest day), I was surprised how hard it was to walk up and down stairs yesterday. Even the curbs. lol.

Last week's workouts? Lots of yoga! I still haven't really started running again since Trails of Fury. There's still twinges of pain, but I do think it's getting better.

Sunday, 6/8 - Flatten Your Belly With Yoga.

Monday, 6/9 - 30 min yoga. Do Yoga With Me: Twist and Stretch.

Tuesday, 6/10 - Yoga Sequence For an Aching Runner's Back.

Wednesday, 6/11 - LBD Challenge Day 1 - 30 sec plank/10 press ups/10 mountain climbers

Thursday, 6/12 - Happy Hips Yoga Sequence. LBD Challenge Day 2 - 20 jumping jacks/10 burpees/10 high knees.

Friday, 6/13 - LBD Challenge Day 3 - 20 squats/20 lunges/20 bridges.

Saturday, 6/14 - Walked the Vegas Strip with my new Pura Via pedometer. 8,195 steps and lots of fun!

Pure Via Summer Fit Kit pedometer

#SummerSplits2014 Update - These poses are really getting tough! I skipped Friday and missed Saturday, so I have a little bit of catch-up to do.

#summersplits2014 |

What's next? Tomorrow Jeff and I start training for a half marathon. If you had coffee with me yesterday, you already know how my husband blew me away when he said he might want to try for a half marathon. The goal race will be on my birthday, Aug 10. And even if the training doesn't go as planned, we'll at least run the 10k. Either way, it will be the longest distance we've ever run together AND I'm super excited!

What's for Dinner next week? Oops! We forgot to order Bountiful Baskets this week. :( But this is what I came up with for dinners this week. They're all fairly easy recipes (I'm hoping), and they all look so delicious! I'm excited. Yum!

What's for Dinner? Week of June 15th |

Sunday - SW Bean Burgers.

Monday - Stir Fry.

Tuesday - Leftovers.

Wednesday - Cheesy Skillet Pasta

Thursday - Black Bean Chicken

Friday - TBD

Saturday - TBD

I'm linking up with Laura over at Mommy Run Fast and Jill at Fitness, Health, & Happiness. Go check out what everyone else is cooking up this week.

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  1. Your menu sounds great! So cool that you and your husband will train together for a half- I'm still working on mine for that... he promised me he will, someday!

    1. I never thought my husband would ever suggest running a half with me! :-)

  2. Wow. That cheesy pasta looks great.

  3. Love all the yoga! 30 day challenges are fun, I always find out about them in the middle or end of the month! How awesome you and your husband will be training together for the half! I'm sure you'll both do great!

    1. I'm super excited about the training. I hope it goes well. We're holding off on registering until we see how the first few weeks go.