Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday's Workout: Yoga Flow for Runners

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A couple days into my streak, I created this little yoga flow after one of my runs. I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you! Hope you try it and like it to.

Now, keep in mind that I am not a yoga teacher and would definitely consider myself a beginner yogi. I know I don't use all of the correct terminology, and I struggle with getting all the poses right. I know it should be more about progress than perfection, so keep that in mind when you're looking at these pictures. lol.

Also, I had to make up some names of the poses. Let me know if I got any wrong. And if you know the actual name of the poses, please leave me a comment.

Yoga Flow for Runners |

I like to hold each of the following poses for 5-10 breaths, sinking a little deeper with each breath.

1. Downward-facing Dog

Downward Dog yoga pose

Start in Downward-facing dog. Try to keep your shoulders in line with your back. Remember that this is a full body stretch, so you should definitely feel this in your shoulders and upper back - not just your legs. Totally OK if you have to bend your legs in order to keep your back straight.

2. Warrior 1

Warrior 1 yoga pose

Step your right leg forward into Warrior 1. Bend your front leg, so the knee is in line with your ankle. Turn your back foot slightly. Raise your arms above your head. With each breath, sink a bit deeper into the stretch. Eventually, you should be able to bend your back a bit to form a crescent shape with your arms.

3. Warrior 2

Warrior 2 yoga pose

Keeping your lower body in the same position, straighten your arms until they are parallel with the ground.

4. Triangle

Triangle yoga pose

Straighten your front knee, shift your upper body forward slightly, and rotate your arms until your front arm is on the ground inside of your front foot. If you can't reach the floor, try using a yoga block for added stability.

5. Low Lunge

low lunge yoga pose

Lower both hands down to the ground on the inside of your front foot. Lower your back knee, so your shin is resting on the ground. As you progress, you can lower yourself down to your elbows. Try to keep your back straight and your shoulders away from your ears.

6. Low Lunge with Foot Roll

low lunge with foot roll yoga pose

In this same position, simply roll your front foot to the outside.

7. Seated Hamstrings Stretch

seated hamstrings stretch

Gently shift backwards until you're sitting on your back leg. Try adding in some toe taps while in this position. Step back into Downward-facing Dog. Repeat above poses on your opposite side, ending in Downward-facing Dog.

8. Yogi Squat.

yogi squat yoga pose

Step both feet forward and bend your knees into a deep squat. Position your elbows on the inside of your thighs and bring your hands into prayer position.

9. Seated Twist.

seated twist yoga pose

Move into a seated position with your front leg extended straight in front of you. Bring your left foot over your right knee and your right arm to the outside of your left knee. Your left arm should be behind you on the mat for extra stability. Gently release from the twist.

10. Seated Foot Grab.

seated foot grab

Pick up your left foot into your right hand (or elbow) and cradle your left knee into your right arm. Keep your back as straight as possible and your shoulders down away from your ears.

Repeat previous two stretches on your opposite side.

11. Happy Baby.

happy baby yoga pose

Finish the sequence on your back. Grab the outside of your feet and bend your knees. Sink your knees deeper toward the mat with each breath.


I hope you enjoyed this post-run yoga sequence! Don't forget to join my birthday party!

What are your favorite post-run yoga poses?

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  1. Downward dog is one of my favorites post run. It just stretches everything out!

  2. pigeon! gotta stretch my hips!

  3. Nice sequence! I would end it in child's pose. Oh and there's the one where you lie down on your back and stretch one leg over your opposite side. Can't think of the name but it feels amazing. Dancer is another great one!

    1. Oh yes! That is definitely a stretch I do often as well. :-)

  4. After my roller I love double pigeon pose, downward dog and runner's lunge. Especially after a long run.

    1. Those all sound great, and I need to do them all way more often. :)

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