Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review

I love this time of the year! Looking through old posts and reflecting on the previous year. Looking forward the the excitement of the new year and all the possibilities that await me.

Before I share my goals for 2015, let's check in on how I did with my 2014 goals.

Individual Goals

I had 3. ONLY THREE! And, I didn't manage to do any of them very successfully.

1) Run Faster. Stuck to endurance. Again. This is a failed goal two years running now. Will I do any better in 2015? Spoiler alert: Yes, this one is making the 2015 goal list. 3rd times a charm, right?

2) Train Harder. I'm not saying that focusing on running is necessarily easy, but it's definitely not harder. Focusing primarily on just one activity doesn't really push me the way I think I should be pushing myself. Please, please don't take any offense to this!

3) Blog Smarter. Yeah, remember that blogging hiatus I went on? Pretty much made a failure out of this goal.

But it's all good. This isn't going to be a total bummer of a post! There were still some other goals, too.

Goals with Jeff

Complete a triathlon. Um. Yeah. We put the kebash on this goal back in August.

Read 3 books together. We kept putting this off and putting this off. We actually did start reading one book, but didn't even finish it. Ugh.

Do at least 1 NEW thing a month. Finally some good news! This is one goal we actually accomplished! Whoo hoo!!!

March - Tried a new restaurant (Stewart & Ogden)
June - Tried a new restaurant (I Love Burgers)
August - Ran a midnight half marathon (Jeff's 1st HM)
Sept - Did a 30-mile bike race/run ride
Oct - Attended a 1st time home buyers class
Nov - Visited the Las Vegas Natural History Museum
Dec - Tried a new restaurant (Envy Steakhouse)

Complete a checklist of enriching activities. Another job well done! Whoo hoo!!

Cultural Activities
A friend's art show
Las Vegas Natural History Museum
Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo
New Restaurants
Marathon Training/Support

Man, there were a LOT of activities that I never ended up blogging about. Maybe I'll still do some write-ups about a few of these in 2015. :)

Even though I failed on most of my goals for 2014, it was still an amazing year filled with lots of fun times.

If you're interested in reading more of my adventures in 2014, here are links to my monthly recaps and a few highlights.

January - How to Drink More Water, Creamy Rosemary Potato Soup, New yoga equipment
February - 5k PR
March - Ran 100 miles, Tried some new fitness studios, Watched 3 seasons of Downton Abbey
April - Attended our neighbor's wedding at The Aria, Mustang 50th Half Marathon, Ragnar Zion
May - Race for the Cure, Catalina Island, Trails of Fury
June - Surprise visit to MN for my niece's HS graduation, Sprinkler Sprint 5k, Announced my birthday virtual celebration
July - Created a delicious fruit dip, Created a yoga sequence for runners, Became an ambassador for Cocogo and SweatPink
August - Attended a #LadiesBeLike tweet-up at the Palms, Had a pool day with some friends and my nephew (visiting from MN), Created a morning yoga sequence
December - Cocogo Holiday Drinks, Our 10th Anniversary, A Solo Christmas Run

What was your favorite moment from 2014?
If you wrote a 2014 in Review post, feel free to leave a link in the comments. I'd love to check it out!

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