Monday, December 1, 2014

December - You're going to be a great month!

Happy December, everyone!

Here are a few reasons why I'm excited for December.

#1. Today I'm starting a 21-Day ‘Re’-Bootcamp program with Tamara over at Fitknitchick.

Fitknitchick's 21-Day 'RE'-Bootcamp

After spending the past few months focusing on running and marathon training, I definitely need a reset. I want to get back on track with better eating and exercising more than just those running muscles.

Today's task is to Find Your Exercise Why to focus on during the 3 week program. She gave us a list of benefits of exercise to help us choose our why. I'm choosing to focus on how exercise will (hopefully) reduce my desire for sweet and fatty foods. Let's just say we've gotten off track with our eating a while ago, and I need some motivation to get back on track.

It's too late to join in this challenge with Tamara, but if any of you are already registered, let me know! I'd love to follow your journey on this!

#2 Running is not completely going on pause. It's just not going to be the main focus. :) Today is also the start of the holiday #RunChatHunt - 12 Days of finding fun things on your run and posting them on Twitter! Click the link to see the list of things to find!

I'm also attempting the holiday #RWRunStreak - 36 Days of Awesome! This started on Thanksgiving and goes until New Years. At least 1 mile a day.

#RWRunStreak 36DAYSOFAWESOME Winter 2014

Anyone else doing either of these challenges?

#3. And probably the best one. Dec 21st is my 10th anniversary!

Wedding Picture
It's crazy to think that I've been married for almost 10 years! We don't have anything too crazy planned to celebrate, because we are also trying to save for a house. Probably just a nice dinner and a show. We live in Vegas after all. :) It doesn't really matter what we do, as long we we're together. Cheesy, I know!

What fun plans do you have for December?

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I'm off to squeeze in a short run before work! Make it a great Monday!!
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  1. It's definitely good to change things up with the working out every now and again :) It's hard to fit it all in! I let my cross training go when I was half training, it's just life. Happy Anniversary :) Enjoy whatever you do!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I find that training for a big distance takes all my focus away from any other kind of training. I always start with good intentions of cross training, but it never sticks all the way to the end. Glad I'm not the only one this happens to. lol.