Friday, February 6, 2015

Review: Altra Running

At the end of a recent RunChat, my phone started blowing up with notifications!


I was blown away. And super excited! I'd heard lots of good things about Atra Running Shoes, and I'd been wanting to try them for awhile.

By Thursday, my new shoes had arrived. That was FAST! Whoo hoo!!!

I chose the One² - their lightest weight and lightest cushioning women's shoe.

These babies are super light! When the box arrived, it felt EMPTY! After shaking it, I could hear a slight rustling, so I knew there was, in fact, a pair of shoes inside. :-)

Altra Running | One Squared

I took them out for a 4-mile run the very next morning.
It was like running on AIR! So light, so comfy!

These are zero drop shoes, which I've been attempting to convert to for the past few months. These have a little more cushion than my other zero drop shoes, which I liked. I still need to work on improving my running form, though.

Since Altra shoes have significant differences from traditional running shoes, there was a pamphlet inside to help with the transition. There is also a page on Common Injuries & Self Care. So helpful!

Altra Running | Fit, Technique & Transition Guide

You can also visit the Run Better section of their website for helpful info on running form, transitioning to Altra shoes, and details about the design of their shoes and how they should fit.

My 2nd run in my new shoes was during the Big Game 5k. When I announced to Jeff that I'd gotten a pretty significant PR, his first question was....
Was it the new shoes?! :-D
Not sure I can entirely give full credit to the new shoes, but, yeah, I'm pretty sure they played a part.

I think I might be an Altra convert.

Have you tried Altra Running shoes?
Have you ever won anything on Twitter?

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  1. I have a pair and do enjoy them. I just recently won a giveaway from a blog and I had no idea I even entered LOL
    It was a nice surprise.