Monday, March 2, 2015

February Recap + March Goals

Happy March!! I, for one, am super excited for a new month. A fresh start.
Why does it seem that February, the shortest month of the year, always seems so long!?!

Actually, the entire month wasn't so bad; it's just got clouded with kind of a pretty rotten ending. I guess that's why these recaps are so important. To keep me a little grounded and help remember the good times.

February started out with the best thing ever - a fantastically surprising PR at the Big Game 5k.

February 2015 recap

Here are a few more highlights from the month:

I convinced a co-worker to Runch with me one afternoon. We were going to make it a more regular thing, but so far, we've only gone the one time.

I tried out a fun Toning Ballet class at Pole Fitness Studio using my ClassPass.

I read more in February than I have in a very long time!

I fell into a funk the past week or so. :(

February Goal Recap

  • Bike commute at least 4 times - Only made it 2 1/2 times, which I'm still happy about - considering it had been MONTHS since I'd last biked in.
  • Run at least 35 miles - So close! I think I made it 29+ miles, but then this funk hit me like a ton of bricks, and running took a backseat.
  • Take 3 yoga classes - Total failure with this one. Not even a single yoga class was taken. Not even a yoga video at home.
  • Complete the Flab Free February challenge with Tera at Girl Gone Healthy -  I did really well with this for the first 19 days of the month, and then, well, that stupid funk. :(
  • Gain 50 Pinterest followers - Only gained 23, but I didn't really take the time to actually focus on this like I wanted to.
  • Read at least 2 books - Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!! I actually read 3 books in February - 2 on my own and 1 with Jeff. :-)

Goals with Jeff Recap

  • Monthly date night - Didn't happen in February. I know, I know. The month with Valentine's Day AND Jeff's birthday, and we didn't manage to get out of the house together. Unless you count the crazy walk to RedBox on Saturday.
  • Read 12 books - Finished book #2. Whoo hoo! We didn't think we were going to, but then we surprised ourselves by finishing a few days early. We even got a jump start on book #3.
  • Buy a house - It's with a little bit of sadness that we've decided to remove this as one of our 2015 goals. Sometimes life has other ideas, and plans have to change. So instead of buying a house, we signed a new 13-month lease at our current apartment. 

Enjoying the Course | March Goals

Yeah. It's going to be a bit of a Do Over month.

What was your best highlight from February?
What are your March goals?

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  1. Let me know what methods you find work for gaining Pinterest followers. I am struggling there.

    1. Will do, Abby! I need to take some time to focus on this, for sure!!

  2. That sucks about not buying a house this year. Hopefully that's something you can look forward to next year. My March goal is to run 100 miles. I almost got there last month (93), so I will do it this month!

    1. Last March, I ran 100 miles. I'm not sure if I've had another 100-mile month since then. Good luck to you! I'm sure you'll kill it after getting so close last month.

      We're pretty much at peace with delaying the house-buying. :)

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