Sunday, March 1, 2015

Workout Recap + Mar 1 Meal Plan

In case you missed my crazy experience yesterday, check this out!

Jeff and I walked to Redbox yesterday afternoon to rent a couple movies. When we were almost there, we heard a screech of tires and then a loud crash! I looked around and couldn't comprehend what happened at first. And then I saw the downed street light.

It was pretty windy, but not that windy. Unbelievable! And pretty perfect timing, considering how busy the street was, that no one was hurt and no cars were damaged.

Of course, we didn't have our phones with us, so once we got back to our apartment, I grabbed my phone and we took off back down the street to snap a picture. :-D

By time we got back to the scene, the Fire Department had arrived to help keep pedestrians away and to control traffic.

So, that was our exciting Saturday afternoon.

Workout Recap

In case you missed my post on Tuesday, I've been in kind of a funk this past week, which resulted in pretty much taking the entire week off of working out.

Let's call it a RESET week. :-)

I think the only activity I even attempted last week was biking to work on Thursday. It wiped me out so much, that I called Jeff to come and pick me up after work.

Ugh! Here's to a new month and climbing out of this funk!!

What's for Dinner?

What's for Dinner? Week of Feb 22nd

Here's what I think I'll be cooking up this week.

Sunday: Burritos

Monday: Salads

Tuesday: Hummus Crusted Chicken

Wednesday: Penne with red sauce and garlic bread

Thursday: Soup & Grilled Cheese

Friday: Baked Potatoes and Chili

Saturday: TBD

Overnight oats - 3rd week's a charm??
Orange Yogurt Cake


Chips & Salsa
Jicama with honey lime dipping sauce
Hemp Hearts & Coconut Bars

Sunday Prep:
Prep overnight oats
Make hummus, guacamole, and honey lime dipping sauce
Hemp Hearts & Coconut Bars
Cut pineapple

What are you cooking up this week?
How were your workouts last week?

Be sure to stop by Laura @ Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers to check out what everyone else is cooking up this week.

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  1. Looks terrific! I have to make those hemp hearts and coconut bars!! I have hemp heart peanut butter energy balls in my fridge this week. I think I ill try your recipe next week.

    1. The hemp hearts and coconut bars called for almond butter, but I used peanut butter instead. They turned out SO good! Hope you give them a try. :)

  2. I hope you get out of your fitness rut soon - that's the worst! All your meals look great!

    1. Thanks, Janelle! Fitness rut is pretty much gone! Whoo hoo!!

  3. That street light is crazy! So weird when stuff like that happens when you feel like there isn't a "real" explanation for them. Your menu sounds tasty, good luck getting out of the rut, those are no fun :-/ I hope you have a great week!

    1. Right?! It was so crazy!! But I was so glad that no one was hurt. It could have been bad.

  4. That IS an exciting Saturday afternoon! I'm glad I'm not the only one in a funk lately- I was sick but also think I needed a few mental health days to reset. We'll start again!

    1. I think there was a definite funk going around! Hope a few mental health days helped; they helped for me. :)

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