Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#BikiniSeries 2-week Check-in

Good morning, Fitfam!!

I'm going to stray off topic this morning for The Fit Dish to check-in with my progress with the Bikini Series 8-week challenge.

I kind of just jumped right into this challenge with no idea of how it was going to go and no real experience following a plan with the Tone It Up girls.


I've been pretty good about following their workout plans for weeks 1 and 2.

I'm not so good about following their evening challenges, which are more mindful and less physical. Easier for me to skip.

One of their evening challenges the first day was to write some goals for the 8 weeks.

I drew a blank and skipped the goal setting. I wasn't sure what I wanted to accomplish - other than to look better good in a bikini.

After following along for 2 weeks, here are some goals I've come up with for the remaining 6 weeks.

**Complete a Tone It Up HIIT video without any breaks**

I'm loving all of the HIIT videos I've tried so far, but they are a struggle for me! Especially when they throw in burpees. I would love to be able to HIIT it up without any pause or mini breaks.

**Jump rope for 1 minute without tripping**

I did one of the workouts called Jump Your Heart Out, and I think the best I did was maybe 10-15 seconds without tripping on the jump rope. I definitely want to be a better jump roper. :)

**Noticeably tone up my arms and belly**

This is is my least concrete goal. I didn't want to put a number on it, because dropping numbers on the scale or even losing inches might not get me the overall effect I'm looking for. But I'll know it when I see it. :)

Speaking of numbers, here's what the first 2 weeks got me. I know, I know. I just said it wasn't about the numbers, but numbers can still be fun. :)

StartWeek 3
Weight160.4 lbs158.8 lbs

I'm really pleased with my results so far after the first 2 weeks, and I'm excited to see how it all comes together by the end!

Now, the actual topic for The Fit Dish today is What Makes a Woman Inspiring? I think it's a great topic, so now that you've read all about my #BikiniSeries progress, go check out our hosts Jill Conyers at JillConyers.com and Jessica Joy at TheFitSwitch.org to read all about how women find women inspiring.

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  1. You're doing awesome! And, you have gotten me REALLY curious about their program, especially with the mental/mindful challenges. Way to go setting such specific goals. It will not only give you better results, but you will feel even more proud when you reach them. You certainly inspired me with this post! Go get 'em!

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica! This is my first real experience with Tone It Up, but I think I'll probably do another challenge with them.

  2. Clarinda, you're doing awesome with TIU! I know I talked to you about doing the series but I totally forgot about it. Should I have received an email? No worries. I've been happily mixing up my workouts more than ever and loving it.

    Have an awesome Wednesday! #fitfamlove XOXO

    1. Thanks, Jill! Yeah, they sent an email to me right away after signing up. Sorry you're missing out on this one, but so good to hear that you're mixing it up. :)

      Have a great week!

  3. Sorry if this comment posts twice.. thought it posted, but don't see it so am reposting... I love the bikini series and all that the Tone It Up girls offer on their website. Keep up the great work! Look forward to reading about your progress over the series. #fitfam love from Bri @ Simple Delights

    1. Hi Bri! This is my first time doing anything with TIU. They do have some very fun workouts, so I'm loving this bikini series. :)