Monday, November 21, 2016

PJ 5k Recap

The PJ 5k takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and is the only time Glittering Lights is open to foot traffic. It's 3 miles of really cool holiday lights and displays.

This was my 3rd year running this race, and it just keeps getting better!

PJ 5k Race Recap

I picked up my running buddy, Janel, around 3pm to head to the Speedway, but first.... STARBUCKS! I can't believe I didn't snap a pic of my delicious free reward. #bloggerfail

After Starbucks and a bit of traffic on I-15, we got to the Speedway around 3:40pm. Parking was a breeze! It's still a relatively small race, but it's growing every year!

We registered last week, so we just had to give our name and collect our bibs & safety pins. There was no packet, which I kind of liked, because it's usually mostly paper that ends up getting trashed.

It only took about 10 min to get our bibs, which was good, because I didn't have a chance to do my hair before I left home. I brought some curlers with me, so I was very glad that we had time to go back to the car before the start.

It didn't take long before I'd finished my hair, we'd adjusted our Flipbelts and pinned on our bibs, and were back in the crowd waiting for the race to start.

PJ 5k 2016


PJ 5k 2016

With a sunset like this, how could we have anything other than a fantastic race?!

PJ 5k 2016 Sunset

Finally, we crossed the mat and were on our way to be wow'd with the millions of holiday lights.

PJ 5k 2016 | Glittering Lights

We were just cruising along. Sometimes talking. Sometimes just enjoying the course.
There is one big hill that we were dreading.

PJ 5k 2016 | Glittering Lights

About halfway up that bitch of a hill, we took our only walk break. And a selfie, of course.

PJ 5k 2016 | Glittering Lights

I felt so good during the entire race! The weather was perfect, and I'm so glad that I opted for pjs that were shorts. I think I would have definitely overheated in long pants or long sleeves. We kept our pace pretty even, with a little pick-up on the down hills. It felt so good to just let it go during those downhills.

The final half mile, however, seemed to take FOREVER! By that time, you've left the light display and are back on the street, so the scenery isn't as cool.

Finally, the finish line was in sight, and we picked up the pace for the final .1 mile.

After crossing, we were handed one of the coolest medals ever! And headed to get milk and cookies. Well, we just got cookies. And a couple other treats.

We walked around for a bit longer to snap a couple post-race pics and to cool down from such a great race!

Our official times were:

Janel - 31:28
Me - 31:29

This was Janel's first run since she ran the Rock & Roll half marathon last weekend, and I haven't been running much either, so we were both very pleased with our time and how we felt during the race! During last year's race, we had to take quite a few more walk breaks, so it was fun to see so much progress over the past year.

PJ 5k 2016 | Bib and Medal

Did you race this weekend?
Have you ever run in a pajama race?

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