Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thankful Thursday #3

Thanksgiving is just one week away. What are your plans? Big dinner? Gathering with family or friends? We don't really have any plans yet, but I'm thinking maybe a picnic in the mountains. Hmmm. I'll have to think on that a little more.

Thankful Thursdays 2016

But today, here are a few more things I'm thankful for.

Rewards Programs. Ask any of my coworkers, and they'll tell you I'm addicted to the Starbucks Rewards program. I get excited when I receive a new challenge on how to get extra points and take pleasure in getting the most for my money. In fact, I currently have 4 free drinks on my account. I usually customize a venti to get the most out of my reward. It's not just Starbucks - though that is the one I use the most. I just like the illusion of getting free stuff, even if I've had to pay quite a bit to get the rewards.

My Job. Overall I really like what I do and who I work with every day. I feel like a valued member of the team. And the paychecks are nice, of course.

My Apartment. I really love the location! We are just a mile from the Las Vegas Strip, which makes it very convenient for visitors. I also love running the Strip, so it's nice that I can easily run there right from my apartment. It's also pretty centrally located in the Las Vegas Valley, so an adventure anywhere in the Valley is just a short drive away.

What are you thankful for today?
Are you a Starbucks rewards junkie, or what is your favorite rewards program?

Want to know what else I'm thankful for this year? 
Read Thankful Thursday #1 and Thankful Thursday #2.

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  1. It seems everyone I know is Starbucks junkie lol I have not been in one since last Christmas- can you believe that?!
    I am marathoner ...finally! Feeling very thankful.

    1. I can't even imagine going a year without Starbucks. Lol.

      Congrats on your marathon. Welcome to the club!!