Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week in Review 11/27

Hope you all survived Thanksgiving and are getting in the holiday spirit!

I started the #RWRunStreak on Thanksgiving as well as a new Nike+ training program. To help hold myself accountable, I thought it would be a good idea to do a Week in Review post each Sunday.

Week in Review - 11/27/16
I'm mostly focused on running right now, but this frog doing yoga was just too cute!

Sunday, 11/20

Serious Yoga Core Work with Vytas Baskauskas - Udaya Yoga
Full Body Strength Workout - Maddy Mosier
These videos had been in my Watch Later list FOREVER, so I decided to finally give them a try. I really like the Yoga Core one and added it to my Yoga list to do again someday. I had to do a lot of modifications on the Full Body one. It was still a great workout, but not one that I loved enough to save. :)

PJ 5k at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway
This was my 3rd year running this race. It's always so much fun to run through the Glittering Lights display in pajamas. You can read my recap here.

Monday, 11/21

My quads were SO SORE after Sunday's workouts and race. It was the burn that makes you want to both take a rest day and encourage you to continue working out. After a few days...

Tuesday, 11/22

I honestly cannot remember if I worked out on Tuesday or not (see why I need to do week in review posts). I'm guessing I probably didn't. 😞

Wednesday, 11/23

Skipped the workout Wed morning and instead gave myself a cute Thanksgiving manicure.

Also, I got to leave work early for the holiday. 😁

Thursday, 11/24 - Thanksgiving 🦃

Hiking at Calico Basin
It was so crowded! We were very surprised to pull into a full parking lot. Guess it's more popular of a Thanksgiving Day activity here in Vegas than we thought. I didn't use any activity tracker, so I'm not sure how far or for how long we hiked, but it was gorgeous with slightly chilly perfect weather!

Sallie had a great time, too! Of course, she was filthy when we got home, so then she had to endure the torture of a bath. Poor girl. 🐶

#RWRunStreak - Day 1 - 1.54 miles
The streak runs 39 days from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. My goal for the streak is to run each day. When I did the summer streak, I incorporated walk days, but this time around, I want them all to be run days.

NRC Get More Fit program
My workouts in Nov have been pretty lackluster. Instead of waiting until Dec 1st (or even Monday), I decided to start a new Nike+ program on Thursday as well. Day 1 was a kick off run for 15 minutes at an easy pace.

Friday, 11/25

#RWRunStreak - Day 2 - 1.02 miles
It was so chilly outside for this run, around 40F. Brrr. I had to cover my ears with a Bondi Band to help keep them warm. 😉 Sallie got to come with me as well.

I got to work from home in the afternoon, because of the holiday. It was pretty slow, which I was OK with because it gave me the time to learn some cool new Excel tricks on a spreadsheet I was working on.

Saturday, 11/26

NRC Get More Fit program
NTC Workout. Floor to Core. I really like these at-home, bodyweight workouts in the Nike+ Training Club app. They are easy to follow and a great workout! This one focused on stability and mobility and had some great hamstrings stretches, too.

#RWRunStreak - Day 3 - 1.10 miles
Took the Sallster with me again. We ran to RedBox to return a couple movies and then added on a little more to get in at least 1 mile. Sallie was pretty tuckered out and moving SO SLOW! She'll be grateful for the rest day! I'm not taking her with me today, because I'll be heading to the grocery store immediately after the run.

How was your week last week?
Anyone else streaking for #RWRunStreak?
Have you ever done a Nike+ training program? If you use the app, leave a comment with your Nike+ username, and I'll add you as a friend. 🏃

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  1. Okay I just have to say, that manicure is the cutest!

  2. Running a race in PJ's does sound like a blast! Although doing so here in NH would be freezing. Maybe a PJ race in the summer would be better? ;)

    1. Haha! Good point, Angela. You'd definitely need to wear some thermal under your PJs for a winter race. ;-)

  3. So cool that you are able to run to Redbox.
    Kills 2 birds with one stone.

    1. Exactly! It's pretty convenient and saves on gas.

  4. Great workout week and wow that's one pretty mani! Next week's Tuesdays on the Run Linkup topic is "Something running taught me this year". Any running-related post is aok if this prompt doesn't inspire you! I have a linkup tab on my blog where each week's topic is posted.