Friday, December 9, 2016

My Favorite Holiday Drink at Starbucks

If you knew me in real life, you'd know how much I love Starbucks. Their drinks are delish, of course, but even more than that, I love their rewards program and their customer service is some of the best!

Since I love it so much, I thought I'd share my favorite holiday drink with you.

It starts with a venti Chestnut Praline Latte.

Have the barista add 3 pumps of White Chocolate Mocha, sub the milk with eggnog, and top with whipped cream and a light caramel drizzle.

O.M.G. It's a little taste of heaven.

Try it. You won't be sorry.

For me, this is a special treat that I only get once I've earned a free reward. Cuz I'm not all about spending $7+ for a coffee drink - no matter how tasty it is. 😋

Are you playing #StarbucksForLife? It only just started on Wed, and I've already earned 50 points for playing and have gotten lots of game pieces. So. Much. Fun!

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Have a terrific weekend.

Are you a Starbucks fanatic?
What's your favorite holiday drink? 
Do you ever make your own customized drink?

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  1. I confess I've not had coffee at Starbucks lol I usually get cold tea, then I went away last weekend and the girls got me addicted to cake pops and coffee lol and i have the app on my phone...there goes me budget!
    That sounds delightful!

    1. OMG, Karen, you have got to try this!! :)

      It's definitely not an everyday drink, but it's an awesome treat.

  2. I LOVE chestnut praline.
    I am a tall with non-fat milk and no whip cream.