Thursday, December 22, 2016

12 Years!

Yesterday, I celebrated 12 years of marriage to my wonderful husband, Jeff.

Over the years, we haven't ever really given each other gifts to celebrate our anniversary. However, Jeff gave me a couple little traditional gifts for our 10-year, so last year we decided that each year for the next decade for our marriage, we would choose a traditional gift together. Year 11 is steel, and we bought a wine corkscrew.

The traditional gift for a 12 year anniversary is Silk. Since we are on a tight budget right now, and didn't want to buy actual gifts that we may or may not ever use like a silk scarf (for me) or a silk tie (for Jeff), I found a restaurant called Silk Road Asian Bistro.

Now, if you know us, you'd know that Asian food isn't typically our first choice. But we couldn't resist this unique way to give the gift of Silk. 😄

Check out these gorgeous red lanterns hanging from the ceiling. The red lighting makes it a really intimate setting.

To continue with the Silk theme, I ordered a Silk Road Mojito.

It was good. If you like mojitos. LOL. It's not my #1 choice, so I ordered a pina colada for my 2nd drink. It was one of the best pina coladas I've ever had, which I found surprising at an Asian restaurant.

I love pot stickers, so I convinced Jeff that we should order some for an appetizer. They were delicious! Of course, Jeff would have preferred them a bit crispier.

Like I mentioned earlier, Asian food isn't usually our top choice nor is seafood, so we were a little concerned about what our options would be.

We decided on Orange Wagyu Beef.

And General Tso’s Chicken Lollipops.

Both were superb! We couldn't stop commenting on how much we enjoyed the food. The flavor was the perfect blend of sweet, sour, and spicy. The Orange Beef was definitely sweeter than the General Tso's, but both were so delicious. We were a little sad we couldn't eat much, but grateful to have some leftovers.

Silk Road is located in the Westgate Resort & Casino and overlooks the gardens of Benihaha Village, so after we finished eating we walked around a bit.

There was a really neat water feature in the center.

We attempted to take a good selfie. LOL.

We definitely enjoyed our night at Silk Road.

The food was so good and the atmosphere was so intimate and romantic. We would definitely go back again!

How did you celebrate your last anniversary?
Do you celebrate with traditional gifts?

Feel free to read my posts from our 10 year and 8 year anniversaries.

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  1. awww Happy Anniversary :)
    I am glad you loved the restaurant.
    We often do not do much for anniversaries, but every so often we try to overnight to the beach or go someplace cool for drinks. This past one we were in Texas and had drinks on a roof top :) kind of cool...

  2. Happy anniversary! That restaurant looks so neat. The food looks delicious too. Glad you enjoyed it!