Friday, December 16, 2016

Ugly Sweater Day

Did you know that the 3rd Friday in December is Ugly Sweater Day? Yep. That's today!

I donned my ugly sweater leggings to celebrate.

My company had an ugly sweater contest last week for our holiday party. We had some pretty good contenders.

I didn't participate, but I was one of the judges. How do you judge which sweater should win? Is it the ugliest? The most creative? Store bought? Homemade? So much pressure!

I'm more of a store bought girl. Like these nuggets I found to buy online.

But most of my coworkers prefer the homemade touch. Maybe they would like some of these?

If it's homemade, I prefer lots of dangling accouterments and working lights would be a definite bonus!

Have you ever made your own ugly sweater or participated in an ugly sweater contest?

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  1. Ugly sweaters are so fun! I actually like your leggings lol
    We did a tacky party this year at work but I think everyone went store bought! I did not dress up...sometimes I can not get it together fast enough lol

    1. Thanks, Karen! They are cute, but along the same lines of an ugly sweater. :)