Sunday, December 18, 2016

Week In Review 12/18

Wow! Can you believe Christmas is only 1 week from today? We don't really celebrate Christmas, but I am looking forward to running the Strip in a cute Christmasy running outfit.

But this post is about my week last week. :-)

I had a couple tough workouts, a few great runs, and a fun (but hard) experience volunteering at a race on Saturday.

Week in Review - 12/11/16

Sunday, 12/11

Started the morning with a Nike Training Club workout called Burpee Beach. This was rep-based, instead of time-based, so it took me forever. It said it was a 31 minute workout; it took me 49:08. I must have been more focused on form than speed. Yeah, we'll go with that. 😂 It involved LOTS of lunges and LOTS of burpees. My legs were like Jell-o by the end! Which made for a tough 1 mile run for #RWRunStreak Day 18. One of the toughest of the streak so far!

Monday, 12/12

#RWRunStreak Day 19. Slow, easy mile with Sallie.
Still pretty sore from Sunday's workout.

DIY Pedicure after work.

Sinful Colors | Santa Claws

Tuesday, 12/13

#RWRunStreak Day 20 - 2.25 Tempo Run.
This run was surprisingly good! I was still really sore from Sunday's workout, so I didn't think I would be able to push myself very fast or hard. My goal pace was 10'06".

It was cold, so I headed out a little fast. After 1/2 mile, I thought, hey, I should slow down a little, but I didn't want to slow down too much, so I kept pushing myself. I had the same thought after 1 mile and after 1 1/2 miles.

When running through the Convention Center, a worker in a golf cart caught up to me.
Him: Good Morning!
Me: Morning!
Him: You're really moving! I could hardly catch up to you!
Me, laughing: Thanks!
This totally made me smile the entire rest of the run. Especially as he zoomed right by me. It did help push me along to finish the run with a faster 2nd mile than the 1st and an overall pace of 9'09".

I also posted my favorite tips to help make every run enjoyable.

Leaving work, the moon caught my eye and I couldn't help but take a picture.

Wednesday, 12/14

#RWRunStreak Day 21. Rest day mile with Sallie. The moon was still gorgeous!

DIY Holiday Nails #2. Santa Hats. See last week's review for Holiday Nails #1.

I love the way they turned out! And, relatively easy to do.

Thursday, 12/15

Got in my one mile for #RWRunSteak Day 22 before doing the Nike workout on my schedule.
Zero-to-100 training workout was more lunges plus plank saws, bear crawls, and lots more. By the end, I was so shaky and sweaty! Awesome. 😊

Friday, 12/16

#RWRunStreak Day 23, another slow, easy mile with Sallie. Nothing notable on the run, but this amazing rainbow appeared when I was heading into work.

Saturday, 12/17

#RWRunStreak Day 24. Course sweeper at Trails of Glory. 6 miles.

This was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. I thought it would be a nice, easy trail run while removing the trailer markers and signs. What I didn't realize was how heavy their sign posts would be! Matters only got worse with the realization that the the aid station where I was supposed to drop off the super heavy posts had closed before I reached it. I mean there was NO sign of said aid station. Which meant I had to carry them for more than 3 miles. :-(

Perhaps I'll do a full recap of my experience as a sweeper. In the meantime, here's a little video recap.

How was your week last week?
Have you have volunteered at a race? Been a sweeper?

I'm linking up today with Tricia & Holly for the Weekly Wrap as well as Ilka & Angela for Sunday Fitness & Food.

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  1. Great week of streaking1 I've volunteered a few times at races when injured, mostly entering runners into a computer and general cleanup. Like you, I would think the trail sweeper job would be pretty easy. Thanks for setting me straight on that! At least you got a good workout in. The Santa Hats manicure is so cute! I'm afraid I'd make a horrible mess out of that. Thanks for linking, Clarinda!

  2. I have volunteered at many small local races, but never as a sweeper. Wow...I never thought about the clean-up details LOL Congrats on the streaking! I'm still going (somewhat) strong....hard to believe it's been almost four full weeks already!

  3. I love your photos, especially of the full moon and rainbow! Great job keeping the streak alive!

    1. Thanks, Janelle! Can't go wrong with moons and rainbows. :)

  4. You've really gotten into the holiday spirit with you fingers and toes! I love it. I had a pedi a few weeks ago and I'm sporting navy blue with a snowflake and I'm hoping that is the only snow we will see in Mississippi. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Tricia! Nail art and cookies are about the only things I do to celebrate Christmas. Lol.

      Your pedi sounds cute! Hope that's all the snow you see as well. 😉