Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What Running Taught Me This Year

Last week, I stumbled upon a new {to me} link-up called Tuesdays on the Run. I'm excited to join in the fun {a day late}. This week's topic is Something new running taught you this year.

Back in 2013, I shared 4 Lessons I've Learned about Running and in 2014, I shared 5 Lessons From Running I Haven't Learned.

So, what's something NEW I've learned this year?

Since moving to Las Vegas, this has probably been my lightest racing year, so I'm going to go with....

Racing Doesn't Make You a Runner, Running Does.

I only ran a few races this year, so most of my runs were purely for the sake of running. They weren't part of any training plan.

It's OK to run without a race goal. It's OK to run just because.

Sure, the bling from finishing a race is fun! But those medals aren't really what makes you a runner.

I know sometimes it's easier to find motivation and hold yourself accountable when you have a race to train for. For some people, that's the only thing that will get them out the door. I get that.

But when funds are tight and race registrations are SO expensive, sometimes you have to focus on why you really love to run.

It's the moving of your feet.
The joy of pushing yourself. Or not.

Plus when you think about, you get even bigger bragging rights for running 10+ miles when you're not even in a training cycle. And I'm all about the bragging rights. LOL.

What is something that running has taught you this year? Be sure to pop over to Marcia's Healthy Slice to see what everyone else learned this year.

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