Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week in Review - 1/15

Happy Sunday!

Looking back, this week seemed to fly by, but during the week, I was SO tired and SO unmotivated. I still managed to do all my workouts, though. Plus, I threw in a few yoga practices on my rest days. I need to do more yoga; it always feels so good!

Week in Review - 01/15/16

Monday, 1/9

The Plan ↠ REST
Reality  ↠ Ah, rest! 🙌

Tuesday, 1/10

The Plan ↠ NTC Workout | The Complete Crush | 45 min
Reality ↠ NTC Workout | The Complete Crush | 47 min
This was a great workout! Lots and lots of lunges. Plus push-ups and planks (which I fully modified, but still felt the next few days), but I really love how it also included a few minutes of seated deep breathing. Because isn't it easy to forget to breath when doing a hard workout? Or is that just me?

This was a rep-based workout, which usually takes me much longer to do than estimated. This one only took me an extra 2 minutes. I was pretty damn proud of myself.

I also tried my first ever single-serving microwaved blueberry muffin.

Wednesday, 1/11

The Plan ↠ Benchmark | 7:00 Warmup - 3:00 run - 5:00 Cool Down
Reality ↠ Done!
Not sure how I really feel about these benchmark runs. I like the theory of them, but I don't feel like they really help improve my running. And, I never seem to get any faster from one to the next.

Thursday, 1/12

The Plan ↠ REST
Reality ↠ 30 min of yoga.
This practice focused on stability and being grounded (YouTube link). I liked it, and it felt really good, but I maybe would have enjoyed a practice with some deep stretches a bit more. I was still feeling a bit sore from Tuesday's lunges.

Friday, 1/13

The Plan ↠ Speed | 6x200m | 7:18 pace | 4:30 rest
Reality ↠ Speed | 6x200m | 7:46 pace | 4:30 walk/jog
It was a little drizzly out there, and to be honest, I kind of tried to talk myself out of doing this run. I just wasn't looking forward to it. I DID IT ANYWAY! It wasn't my best interval speed workout. Only one of the intervals came even kinda close to the goal pace, but I'm OK with that. 7:18 seemed pretty ambitious anyway - especially with the wet sidewalks. I possibly could have pushed it a bit harder if I were running in dry conditions, or an indoor track.

4:30 rest periods seemed LONG and it was chilly and drizzly, so I walked a bit and jogged a bit more instead of just stopping. That brought my mileage up to about 2.5 miles for the run.

Saturday, 1/14

The Plan ↠ REST
Reality ↠ 1 hour of yoga.
I did two 30 min videos (YouTube links here and here). The first one eased me into some sun salutations (and gave me a great idea for the Spring Equinox) and then moved into some balance poses. The second one was an opening practice filled with really yummy deep stretches.

Sunday, 1/15

The Plan ↠ Long Run - 6.25 miles | 11:06 pace
Reality ↠ Trail Run - 10.00 miles | 13:56 pace
It had been way too long since I hit up this trail! Today seemed like the perfect day to do it. The sun was shining and keeping me warm. I love the scenery out at McCullough Hills and the trails aren't too technical, so it's one of my go-to trails.

I also discovered something about myself on this run. I've always known that I'm one of those runners that actually SLOWS down on the downhills, but today, I realized that it's at least partially due to that fact that I approach running the downhills the same way as running flat or uphill. So, I made the very conscious effort to lengthen my stride for the downhills and slightly turn my toes outward. I think it really helped! But I did have to keep reminding myself to do this.

January 9 - 15

Clean It Out, Use it Up update

Week 1:  Raspberry gelatin, which I used to bake cookies.

Week 2: Italian Style bread crumbs, which I used to make macaroni & cheese

What was the highlight of your week last week?
Did the un-motivation bug hit you?

I'm linking up today with Tricia & Holly for the Weekly Wrap as well as Ilka & Angela for Sunday Fitness & Food.

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  1. I've never heard of turning your feet outward on the downhills. I'm going to try that. I did a Clean It Out / Use It Up (cute concept) just tonight. There was a small portion of ground sausage left in the fridge. I cooked it and added it to our Deli Pepperoni Pizza. It was delicious! McCullough Hills looks like a very nice place to run. Thanks for linking, Clarinda!

    1. Thanks, Holly! It's such a nice place to run! Challenging, but not too technical. I read about turning your feet outward in "Hal Koerner's Field Guide to Ultrarunning." I read it a long time ago, but this was the first time I ever put it into practice.

      Great job using up the ground sausage in your fridge. :)

  2. I never heard of making a single serving of a cupcake. Love the idea. You do not end up with a whole batch and get tempted to eat them every time you see them. I like having that extra crunch that you get with bread crumbs on the mac n cheese.

    1. I've loved the idea of a single serving cupcake, muffin, brownie, etc for awhile. Not sure what took me so long to try it. The little extra crunch from the bread crumbs was yummy!

  3. I love your trails! We don't have anything pretty like that here in suburbia. My pictures are deceiving.

    1. LOL! Mine, too. :) I live in a pretty urban area, and have to drive about 1/2 an hour to get to areas like this.

  4. I think my awkward long stride (due to my long legs and big feet) has me automatically turning my feet outwards on downhills (?). I'll have to pay better attention to that next time I'm doing hills.

    1. That's cool that it's your natural stride! I'm envious. :)

  5. I was struggling this week mentally, but my workouts were the highlights. I don't know abotu running, but I bike more slowly downhill because I'm deathly afraid of wrecking!

  6. Your speed work looks good! I am anxious to start working like that again, I am trying to not jump in all at once though.
    I am loving youtube for work outs too. Thanks for the links. I have been unmotivated to go to the gym so I have been doing home work outs.
    Bread crumbs and mac and cheese looks yummy!

    1. Definitely ease yourself back into it, Karen! I'm solely a home workout girl. :)

  7. Single serving muffins, seriously I need to find those!!!
    Great job on the workouts, this weekend was so nice to get out and enjoy the trails, I really with I had done some of that myself!
    Have you ever run down that canyon outside of Las Vegas it's the one they use for that downhill Revel marathon course they have there, I want to say it's called Kyle Canyon?? Just curious if you know if that one is covered in snow in the winter or if it's open for running, I may make a trip up there in month or so to give it a try!

    1. If you click on my IG picture, I included the recipe in the post.

      Yes, I've run down Kyle Canyon Rd a few times. Yes, it is snowy. At least it was at Christmas. Depending on where you start, you could get some running in without snow, because it's a several miles before the snow cover begins.

  8. Those trails look beautiful and a lot different from the trails we have around here!

    I just used up my bread crumbs the other day by coating sliced squash with them and baking was delicious!

    Thanks for the Yoga links of my goals this year is to do more Yoga but being a beginner, I'd prefer doing at home a while before I attend a class.

    1. I do love the trails that are so close to Vegas! :-)

      What kind of squash did you coat with your bread crumbs?

      You're welcome for the yoga links. I really like Adriene's approach to yoga. Good luck with your yoga journey.

  9. You did a great job with your workouts! I was feeling unmotivated for awhile, especially the month of December, but now I'm finally feeling back in training mode and routine!

    1. Thanks, Janelle! Isn't it nice when the motivation comes back and the training mode and routine returns?!

  10. Awesome job on the NTC workout! It always takes me longer to do those, I need rest time in between. If I ever went to Crossfit I'd never leave because I'd never finish ;)

  11. Great job getting your workouts done! I've never tried making a blueberry muffin in the microwave but that looks pretty good.

    1. Thanks, Sherry! If you click on the IG pic, there is a recipe. :) It was so good that I made it again this morning. Yum!