Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Five 2.0 - Winter Activities Anyone Will Love

TGIF, my friends! Who is ready for the weekend? I know I am. This week has been crazy at work. Let's just say I was ready for a drink at 8:05 yesterday morning. 😂

But enough about that!

Instead, let's link up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for Friday Five 2.0. This week's topic is Winter Activities.

Did you know that I was born and raised in MN? Did you also know that there is pretty much nothing that I loathe more than being cold? I hate it. I know those are strong words, but the cold and I just don't get along.

I never understood those people who said they preferred the cold over the heat. You can always put on more layers, they'd say. Um. No. That doesn't work for me. Who wants to be all constricted from layers upon layers? Not this girl.

The cold is probably the #1 reason I left my home state and now live in the Southwest.

All that said, here is my list of five winter activities that even the biggest haters of winter will likely love.


Run while the snow is falling. This is quite possibly one of my most favorite things ever, and I so rarely get to experience it. The crunch of the virgin snow is unbeatable and everything is so peaceful and calm. Plus, if it's snowing, it's not bitterly cold. Bonus!


Play in the snow. The fresher, the better. Despite hating the cold, I love the beauty of the snow.

Like I already mentioned, there is just something so serene about fresh snow. And there is joy in spending a few minutes playing in it. Jump around. Make a snow angel. Just have some fun.

Which leads us nicely to...


Curl up with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. After running or playing in the snow, nothing beats coming inside and warming up with a book and hot beverage.



A Movie marathon! Weather got you down? Grab a few of your favorite movies or a few new ones. Pop up some popcorn and settle in for a few hours of distraction. Don't forget a throw blanket.



Experiment in the kitchen. Nothing like the smell of baking cookies to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Winter is the best time to try out new recipes. Or revamp a favorite to make it a bit healthier. Baking warms your heart and your home.

You guessed it! I'd much prefer to hiberate during winter rather than embrace it. Or move to warmer climates. ;-) Living in Las Vegas, the cold and snow are just a short drive away for the rare occasions when I miss it.

Honestly, I would like to move out of my comfort zone this winter and try snowshoeing. Stay tuned to see if I end up trying it, and if I do, if I end up liking it.

Do you prefer to hibernate during the winter, like me, or embrace it?
What's your favorite winter activity?

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  1. I agree if you can get a run in while the snow is just falling it's so beatiful and then going home to and cooking something warm and cozy is the best

  2. There is definitely something about a snow day that makes me want to bake cookies - but then I'm stuck at home with them all. :-)

  3. I moved back to colder weather after 8 years in Texas. Oops. When I know a storm is coming though (and we got them in Texas too), I'll make a soup or crockpot dish that needs to simmer a while. It makes the kitchen smell warm.

    1. Yes, exactly! I like to use a crock pot in the summer so the whole house doesn't boil, but I LOVE to use it in the winter because it makes the whole house feel so cozy.

  4. I totally get it -- couldn't wait to move away from NY when I graduated college, but look -- after 17 years in TX -- here I am again. Life happens.

    That being said, as far as running goes, I'd much rather run in the cold than the heat! I suck at heat. Although dry heat makes a lot of difference (TX isn't dry).

    It is very peaceful running when the snow is falling. Except it can be treacherous, too . :(

    1. I choose to focus on the peaceful times. LOL.

      Dry heat makes such a huge difference! I didn't really believe until I moved to Vegas. 😂

  5. I agree, i'll never understand those who prefer to be cold!

    I do think running in the snow can be pretty too!

    1. If I have to choose an extreme, it will always be heat. :)

      But the snow is pretty....

  6. I love all of these ideas. I LOVE running when the snow is falling. Especially when it's those big fat flakes and everything else is stone silent. It's so peaceful.

    1. Yes! That is exactly the runs I am talking about. When you're the only one out there and the snow cover makes everything so quiet and peaceful. Pure tranquility.

  7. I like these ideas! We don't get much snow, but when we do I like to enjoy it for a little not and then I'm staying inside! I would much rather be somewhere warm and sunny during the winter!

    1. I'm right there with you, Tara! I'm much rather be somewhere warm and sunny. Escaping to the snow for an afternoon is nice, though - when you know it will only be for a couple hours. lol.

  8. I love the crunch of fresh snow too! I grew up in NY and lived in the D.C. area before moving to San Diego, so it's something I rarely experience too. Now my version of cold is different but coming in from the cold and curling up with a good book and cocoa is nice :)

    1. Yes, exactly! Cold is relative, but a good book and cocoa is always nice. :)