Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Running Love: Reasons I Love Run

Happy Valentine's Day... and Tuesday!

Today's topic for Tuesday's on the Run is... (no surprise)... Stuff I love about running.

Obviously, I love so. much. about running.

Running Love! Reasons I Love to Run

Here are a few reasons why I love to run.

In no particular order.

Running clothes are super cute and comfy. Next to yoga clothes, I'm not sure anything beats running clothes. At least the stuff I buy. I mean, I get by without wearing a bra or undies - cuz they come built it. 😏

Running makes me happy and feel alive. There's just something about getting that heart pumping and sweat flowing. It brings an energy that just makes me smile. Yes, even when it hurts - though sometimes not exactly in the moment.

Running allows me to have lots of little personal victories. It's such a personal sport where you can challenge yourself to go just a tiny bit further - in time, distance, pace. You name it! It's 100% customizable, and when you've pushed yourself and beaten even the tiniest of goals, you just feel so. damn. good!

Running gets me outside. If it weren't for running, I'd hardly leave my house. I certainly wouldn't explore my neighborhood as much as I do. It's a great excuse to get out there and enjoy the weather. Sun, rain, snow, clouds. I've learned to find beauty and joy in it all.

Running can be done anywhere. I'm not going to lie. I'm sometimes a pretty lazy runner. I love that I can just lace up and run from right out my front door. Or if I'm travelling wish I could do this more often! I can run in the neighborhood of the hotel/resort. Never forget to pack the running shoes!!

Despite all of the above, sometimes running is hard and we need to remind ourselves of not only why we love it, but how to enjoy it. Be sure to check out my tips to make every run enjoyable for those runs when you're not feeling the love.

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Why do you love running?
What makes you wanna lace up those shoes and get out there?
Doing anything fun for Valentine's Day?

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  1. There is so much to love about running! I love the personal victories as well and I really enjoy running on trails where I feel more connected with nature.

    1. Personal victories are the best. I love relishing in those small wins. Aren't trails the best?!

  2. Yes to the running clothes! In fact, if it weren't for the awesome clothes, I wouldn't run.

    Ok, just kidding...

  3. Oh heck yeah to all! My running gear takes up far more closet real estate than my "civilian" clothes and I wouldn't have it any other way. :D

  4. ALL THE RUNNING CLOTHES! so much funner to buy than normal clothes too. I kind of find new running clothes motivating too.

    1. I'll admit I've definitely used new running clothes as a reward for running achievements. :-) And sometimes new running clothes can definitely help me get my feet out the door.

  5. Yes to all of the above! I really do enjoy running as a way to explore the world too. Every vacation the hubs and I have ever been on, we have gotten at least one run in while there. Theres just no better way to see a city or countryside than in running shoes!

    1. I enjoy vacation running, too. My hubs isn't a runner, though, so I don't always get a run in during a vacation. Gotta make sure I feel super safe where we're staying.