Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week in Review - 3/19

All's well that ends well, right?! I had a great weekend, including a fun, outside my comfort zone, hike. There were a couple days during the week of low motivation and a couple skipped workouts, but I'm OK with that.

Week in Review - 03/19/17

Monday, 3/13

The Plan ↠Morning: Core Control + Back It Down
Evening: Yoga for Beginners Day 10
Reality  ↠   Done! This marked one third of the 30 day yoga challenge. Day 10 was awesome - except she kept mixing up her left and right queues, which was a little frustrating at times.

Tuesday, 3/14

The Plan ↠Morning: Tempo Run
Evening: Yoga for Beginners Day 11
Reality ↠    With the start of DST on Sunday, I switched my morning and evening workouts. The morning yoga was nice; my legs were so tight! For some unknown reason, I decided I wanted the sunlight for the run, which was why I moved it to the evening. That was kind of a mistake. It was HOT, and I was tired. I almost didn't go, but Sallie was very excited to run, so I indulged her.

I definitely need to readjust to hot weather running and I need my knee to get better!

Wednesday, 3/15

The Plan ↠Morning: Core Countdown + Activation Station
Evening: Yoga for Beginners Day 12
Reality ↠    I woke up with terrible cramps and my body was still exhausted, so I opted to crawl back into bed for another hour and a half. Sometimes, you just need a little extra sleep. 💤 I felt so much better. It was still a tough day, but much more bearable with the extra sleep. After work, I did my yoga. Loved the way she got us into Warrior I!!

Thursday, 3/16

The Plan ↠Morning: Easy Run
Evening: Yoga for Beginners Day 13
Reality ↠    After Tuesday's fiasco of a run, I definitely wanted to run in the morning! It was so much better! I got in 3 easy miles. There were a few times when I wanted to push it a little harder, but kept reminding myself it was an EASY run. My knees definitely felt better during the run, but I still iced them a bit afterwards. They still need some TLC.

I attempted something a bit more complicated for dinner, and it took a long time. I think I'm the slowest cook in the world! By time dinner was done and consumed, I was sucked into getting caught up on BlindSpot and yoga was skipped. Booo.

Friday, 3/17

The Plan ↠Morning: Cut to the Core + The Hart Serena
Evening: Yoga for Beginners Day 14
Reality ↠    I pretty much had ZERO motivation when I woke up Friday morning, but I forced myself to do one of the morning workouts on my schedule. I skipped the other one, due to time, and it being a partner workout (oops!) and I didn't have a partner. LOL.

Unbeknownst to me, my husband started delivering packages for Amazon on Friday. He wanted it to be a surprise, and it WAS! When I got home, he had to fill me in on all the details - from the start of the process to how it actually went on his first day. It was fun to hear him so excited about it, but it took the place of my evening yoga.

Saturday, 3/18

The Plan ↠Morning: Long Run or Hike and/or Bike Ride
Evening: Yoga for Beginners Day 15
Reality ↠    Since Jeff was so excited about his new delivery gig, he was able to pick up a shift Saturday morning. I went with to help him / spend time with him / see how it all worked. It was kinda fun! When we got back, I did Day 13 of the yoga challenge that I had skipped on Thursday.

Sunday, 3/19

The Plan ↠Morning: REST
Evening: Yoga for Beginners Day 16
Reality ↠    I started the morning with Day 14 & Day 15 to get all caught up on on the yoga challenge. Then I did another delivery shift with Jeff. When we were done, we went hiking!

It was GORGEOUS! Warm, for sure, but not excruciatingly hot. Jeff's favorite thing to do is go off-trail. So today, instead of sticking to the well worn path, we climbed UP the mountain, and then DOWN the mountain back to the trail. The trail wrapped around the mountain and then when we came to a fork in the trail, we chose the one that went UP the mountain. We got to the top.

Instead of finding a trail back DOWN the mountain, we decided to SCALE down the mountain. It was crazy. It was intense. It was WAY out of my comfort zone. But it wasn't as terrible as I'd envisioned.

When we got home, I did Day 16 of the yoga challenge. It was a great way to stretch out after all the climbing.

DailyMile summary: March 13-19
March 13-19

Clean It Out, Use it Up update
Week 11: Sparkling Water, which I drank. :) Kind of a cop out, I suppose, but it had been in my cupboard for a very long time. And now, it's not.

What was the highlight of your week last week?

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  1. You had a great week of workouts! And you can't be a slower cook than I takes me an hour to make a 30-minute meal, smh!

    I think my highlight from last week was running through the snow on Saturday...or at least trying to!

  2. I finally feel adjusted to the new time change. I don't workout in the weekday mornings, but I could've used a lot of extra sleep last week.

  3. Great week for you, that trail looks nice I love how you get off of it to explore! Sure made for a great photo op! I can relate to what Janelle, said I'm no cook and it usually takes me much longer than what it should! Thanks for linking up with us Clarinda, I had a nice relaxing weekend this past week and I'm looking forward to being in New Orleans with several friends to run in the Best Damn Race!