Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week in Review - 3/26

I realized something this week.

You know how they say not to go out too fast during a race? That you run the risk of running out of steam if you do? Well, I feel that's what happened to me both in February and March. I'll go into it more during my March Recap later this week, but let's just say this past week was a tough one.

I'm talking zero motivation. To workout. To be active on social media or blogging. To do just about anything other than go to work and veg when I get home. Ugh.

Week in Review - 03/26/17

Monday, 3/20

The Plan ↠Morning: Yoga for Beginners Day 17
Evening: Mon Night Group Run (Cowboy Trails)
Reality  ↠   Nada. Unplanned rest day? Sure. We can go with that. ;-) On Sunday, I decided against the group run. I just wasn't feeling up for being social.

Tuesday, 3/21

The Plan ↠Morning: Core Burn Out + Pace Breaker
Evening: Yoga for Beginners Day 18
Reality ↠    Easy run | 3.06 | 33:55
Since I skipped the group run on Monday, I decided to go for an easy morning run before work. Unfortunately, it seemed much harder than it should have. Skipped yoga after work.

Wednesday, 3/22

The Plan ↠Morning: Core Crunch 2.0 + Ascend & Descend
Evening: Yoga for Beginners Day 19
Reality ↠    I played a little yoga catch-up and did Days 17 and 18 before work.

Thursday, 3/23

The Plan ↠Morning: Speed Work
Evening: Yoga for Beginners Day 20
Reality ↠    A little more yoga catch-up; I did Day 19 before work. predicted better running weather for the evening, so I did a run after work. I ran about 2.5 miles when Jeff and Sallie met up with me. They left 10-15 minutes after me and then walked my route backwards until we met up. The three of us ran together for maybe a 1/4 mile and then walked the rest of the way home. It was really fun to have them meet me, and I think we'll do it again.

Friday, 3/24

The Plan ↠Morning: Core Countdown + Trunk & Branches
Evening: Yoga for Beginners Day 21
Reality ↠    Started my day with Day 20 of the yoga challenge. It was some twisty fun.

Saturday, 3/25

The Plan ↠Morning: Long Run or Hike and/or Bike Ride
Evening: Yoga for Beginners Day 22
Reality ↠    REST, but I also did laundry and some food prep.

Sunday, 3/26

The Plan ↠Morning: REST
Evening: Yoga for Beginners Day 23
Reality ↠    Yoga Days 21, 22, & 23. All caught up!

Clean It Out, Use it Up update
Week 12: Molasses, which I used to make Molasses Milk.

How do you get out of a slump?
Have you have made flavored milk?

I'm linking up today with Tricia & Holly for the Weekly Wrap.

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  1. You still got some good activity in!!
    Are you more introverted? I get into slumps like this when I have too much business going on around me. My work had been crazy the past two months and I never have quiet moments to recharge and I finally ended up sick. My motivation suffers when I feel like I can't have some quiet moments to get my thoughts together. Sometimes you just need to do nothing too, it is okay.