Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week in Review - 4/23

The Tone It Up Bikini Series starts tomorrow! I'm EXCITED!!

I've got breakfasts prepped and ready to go.
I've got lunches prepped and ready to go.
I've got snacks prepped and ready to go.

I'm a little worried about dinners, but I think I'll be OK. Dinners are a little harder because I have to think of what Jeff likes instead of only what I like. :)

But first, let's talk about this past week. A little slow to get started, but I finished pretty strong!

Quick Low Down of my Workouts:

Apr 17 - April 23
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Wed: Yoga | 35 min
Thu: 5 DMs + 3 mile run
Fri: 5 DMs + some crazy stairs
Sat: 5 DMs + HIIT It Abs
Sun: 3 mile hike/walk

Friday's workout killed me. My quads have been protesting pretty much every minute since then. Hopefully everything loosens up soon. :)


Lots and lots of Food Prep
I picked up Bountiful Baskets Saturday morning. We get it every other week, and so much of the produce tends to go bad (or nearly bad). I hate it, so I decided to prep as much of it as I could this weekend.

  • I made a layered breakfast casserole (inspired by this Vegetarian Breakfast Lasagna).
  • A kale salad (inspired by this recipe).
  • Grilled some butternut squash and zucchini
  • Cut up some carrots
  • Spiralized some carrots to make baked carrot fries (recipe)
I still have one bunch of kale to use. Since I already have breakfast prepped for every day this week, I'm hoping to make a batch of green smoothies to freeze for next week.

Picnic and a Hike at Whitney Mesa
Today was National Picnic Day, so we attempted a very simple picnic. We really just brought an MRE. It didn't really heat properly, so it wasn't very good. :(

After we ate, we went for a 3 mile hike / walk in the area. It was SUPER WINDY! There were a couple guys flying kites, and we were so jealous that we hadn't even thought of bringing ours.

It was very pretty, though!

I definitely want to go back for a trail run! There are so many trails. One could easily get lost for a couple hours.

How were your workouts last week? 
What was a highlight of your week?

I'm linking up today with Tricia & Holly for the Weekly Wrap.

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  1. Sounds like a great week of workouts! Great job prepping your food! That looks like a great place to go trail running.

    1. Thanks, Sherry! I'm hoping that the food prep has set me up for success. :)

  2. Nice job this week! I really need to do this food prep...I can't seem to shake my laziness! I hope you enjoy the bikini challenge!

    Trail runs are the best, aren't they? Love the views!

    1. This was just a trail walk/hike, but I'm excited to go back for some running! This was the first weekend I've food prepped in FOREVER! :(

  3. I do food prep for the perishables, especially berries. The rest of the week I kind of wing it, but yesterday I cooked a chicken breast so I could sliver up the meat for a dish I'm making today. All I have to do tonight is chop up the veggies.

    1. That sounds great! Most of my food prep was just trying to make sure none of the produce went bad. :)

  4. I'd love to do some real trails! WE have some trails here, but not many. Spiral-izing carrots,hmmmm....I might have to try that!

    1. I still need to try baking the carrots that I spiralized! :D

  5. Girl, you have been a busy little bee in the kitchen! Good job!

    Bikini season ...ugh! I don't even want to talk about this. We've got a trip to Hawaii planned for this summer and if I don't lose some of midsection pudge, I'll be out searching for a one piece or tankini!!

    1. I feel ya! I'm really hoping to see some midsection improvement over the next several weeks.

  6. I bow down to your food prep! I've never heard of carrot fries. I'll have to check that out. As usual, you find the best places to hike. I'm glad you mentioned kites. I used to love flying them and it's a great activity for the next beach trip. Thanks for linking, Clarinda!