Sunday, May 14, 2017

Week in Review - 5/14

This was a tough week. Work is going through a lot of changes, which means lots of meetings and conversations. It's exhausting.

The cherry, of course, was Wed morning, when my phone decided to turn off and never turn back on. Support was very helpful and is shipping me a replacement phone free of charge. Unfortunately, the timing was the worst. I submitted the order for the replacement around 7pm on Wed and it took until Fri morning to process the order. So, even though it was shipped FedEx Overnight, it's not arriving until tomorrow because overnight from Fri doesn't include the weekend. Boooo.

At least I had the Bikini Series to help keep me somewhat sane. 👍

Goal Check-In:
NO Fast Food ✔
Starbucks 1x per week ✔ (not even once this week!)
72 oz of water a day 😒 -  I was short on water both Fri & Sat
Stick to the workout plan ✔
Sub 10:00 min/mile - Current avg pace: 10:37
Lose 10 lbs - ↓ 6 lbs

May 8 - 14
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Bikini Series Week 3 Schedule

On The ScheduleWhat I Did
Mon:HIITSandy Sweat + 5 DMs
But I can't remember which toning moves. :(
Tue:Total Body + CardioSunshine Sculpt + 30 min run
Wed:Abs+CardioLove Your Body HIIT + 5 DMs (3 sets of 15 each side)
Side Plank Hip Dips + Standing Side Crunches + Up Down Planks + Bicycles + Tummy Toners
Thu:HIITTotally Toned Workout + 5 DMs (3 sets of 15 each side)
Squat Jacks + Squats + Row to Press + Twist&Punches + High Kicks
Fri:Total Body + Cardio5 DMs (3 sets of 15 each side) + 30 min run
Lunge to Sumo Squats + Star Jumps + Forearm Booty Kickbacks + Knee to Elbow Crunches + Toe Taps
Sat:Yoga Tone5 DMs (3 sets of 15 each side) + 15-Minute Power Yoga +
BEST HIIT & Abs Routine
Laying Toe Touches + Side Plank Hip Dips + Sit ups + Tummy Toners & Pushups + Tilts
Sun:Sunday Runday5 DMs (3 sets of 15 each side) + 3.2 mile run
Squats + Forward Lunges + Curtsy Lunges + Squat Jumps + Side Box Lunge
DMs = Daily Moves

Highlights of the Week:

The new Sunshine Sculpt video
I'm not exactly sure why, but I really loved this video. Maybe it was just what my body needed on Tuesday, but it just felt so good and was a perfect warm-up for my run.

Project Fi Support
Even though it's taking FOREVER to get a replacement phone, my time with support was pretty painless. I chatted with someone online and the resolution was good enough for me. Jeff had some issues with it and wanted an upgraded phone instead of a refurbished phone of the exact same model I had before. I was perfectly OK with the refurbished phone, but he wanted to talk about it before I actually submitted my order. Hence, I wasn't able to order the replacement until Wed evening instead of Wed morning.

Chickpea Tomatillo Curry
We got a lot of tomatillos in our last Bountiful Basket, so I used some to make this recipe. It had cilantro (which Jeff hates) and curry (obviously), so this was just for me! I really enjoyed the flavor! I think I'm going to make some more to have for lunches throughout the week!

National Foam Rolling Day
It comes every year on May 11 (since 2015). To celebrate, I did some foam rolling before my morning workout, and wrote a post on the How's & Why's of Foam Rolling. You should check it out and the couple other bloggers that also linked up with a foam rolling post. And then, go give your foam roller some love and attention.

That's all I've got. Sorry for the lack of pictures; my phone is my primary camera. :)

Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Mother's day!

Here are a couple Mother's Day posts from this past week that I really loved and wanted to share with you.

Great Quotes for Strong Women Called "Mom" from Rachel at Running on Happy
6 Gifts Every Running Mom Wants (and They Don't Cost a Dime!) from Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home

How were your workouts last week? 
What was a highlight of your week?

I'm linking up today with Tricia & Holly for the Weekly Wrap.

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  1. A dead phone is never fun, but good tech support is a marvelous thing!

    The highlight of my week was probably getting my 11 miles down with no repercussions. :)

    I'll probably remember foam rolling day going forward -- it's my brother's birthday!

  2. Oh man that must be so frustrating about your phone! We are always connected to our phones.

    1. It was frustrating, but I think I handled not having a phone for six days pretty well. :-D

  3. I did my second 5-mile run last Tuesday, so time to start tapering. My race is in two weeks!

  4. Sorry to hear about your phone! It really is tough to manage without it!

    Your workouts are great and you're so close to your weight loss goal! The chickpea tomatillo curry sounds delicious!

    1. You need to try the curry! It was so good. :)

      It was definitely tough to go without my phone so long, but I managed quite well. If I do say so myself. ;)

  5. Great job on the weightloss!
    Sorry about your phone, its so weird when we realize how much we use them when we don't have access to one. Hope your phone arrives soon!

    1. Thanks, Kristy! I'm just working hard and trying to be better about what I eat. It's coming along. :)

  6. You are doing great with your goals!! Losing weight is not for the faint of heart...I have been on a 7 year mission now lol gooodneeeeesss. You are over half way now :)
    Great week of workouts! I took a step back last week and I am not sure about this week yet lol but you all are helping me to get motivated!

    1. I've gained more than 20 lbs since moving to Vegas, and I'd love to get back down to that number. I'm starting small with only 10 lbs for this bikini series; it just seemed more manageable. BUT I really just want to fit into THOSE jeans. ;-)

  7. Hopefully work becomes less stressful and tiring soon. Its hard to be motivated to come home and take care of ourselves after an exhausting day at work. I know that feeling all too well.

    1. Thanks, Kathryn. It's starting to calm down a bit at work. Thank goodness!

  8. If my phone died I would probably too! Lol we are so connected to our phones- and mine is also my primary camera.

  9. No Starbucks? You rock! Seriously, you are doing very well with your goals. Six pounds is very impressive. My foam roller is used often, but not every day. I wonder if I gave it any love on its unknown-to-me special day? I doubt it. :( Thanks for linking, Clarinda!