Thursday, June 29, 2017

June Report Card

If it's possible, June flew by even FASTER than April or May!! 2017 will be over before we know it. Or maybe it will slow down after I turn 40 in August. LOL.

June Report Card

General Running/Training (25%): A

June gets an easy A for sure. I killed the Bikini Series. I indulged in yoga for a week. I kept the RW Run Streak alive. All-in-all a good month for training and running.

Run at least 600 Miles (25%): A

I'm finally starting to feel good about this goal again. After some pretty low mileage in March and April, I got my mileage up again in June. I'm already over 50 miles for the month and I still have today and tomorrow to log a few more.

Be More Active in the Local Running Community (25%): F

Seriously June flew by so fast! It felt like there just wasn't any time. Also, it got stupidly HOT here in Vegas that the thought of running after work with a group was just. too. much. I really was going to try, though, but then the group I wanted to join moved the group runs to the morning. The location just isn't convenient for me to run mornings with them, so I'll wait to meet up with that group until after it cools down a bit.
1 of 8 group runs completed
1 of 3 times volunteering at a local race
There was also a race in June that I didn't volunteer for. A missed opportunity, if you will. I need to get more on top of when the next races are, so I can be sure to sign up to volunteer for one (or two).

12 Trails of 2017 (20%): A

On Saturday last week I realized it was the final weekend in June, so we decided to squeeze in a hike on Sunday. Have I mentioned out quickly June flew by? 😉 We wanted to escape the heat a bit, so we headed up to the Mt Charleston area for a gorgeous hike. It was cooler than down in the valley plus there was some decent shade on the trail - kind of a rarity in Vegas. Poor Sallie still had a tough time, though. I do plan on writing a full review of the trail, but there are a few more pics on last week's Week in Review post.

Twelve Trails of 2017 - June

Current Events Night (5%): B+

I mostly stayed caught up watching Last Week Tonight, which is the latest rendition of this goal. It led me to also research/understand Brexit a bit more. Jeff and I also spent an evening discussing the police officer who shot Philando Castile in Minnesota. The police officer was just acquitted, so it was definitely newsworthy for a current events discussion.

Final Grade for June: B

Even though June flew by, it was a great month! I finished the Bikini Series STRONG (check out my final check-in here) and kept the #RWRunStreak alive and kicking. I also met up with an old friend that was in town and check out the birds at a local nursery. Managed a few other fun things, too. :-)

July is going to go fast as well! It's already getting filled up with some fun times! I'll be starting my 40th birthday celebration on July 12th - 30 days before my birthday. Come back next week to find out how you can celebrate with me. I'm planning a really fun challenge, and I hope you'll do it with me. And then, of course, there's BlogFest coming up in 3 weeks. So excited about that, too!

How was your June?
Can you believe 2017 is half over?

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  1. A birthday challenge, how fun! You definitely don't look 40 though!
    Great job on your stats so far, 50 miles for June is awesome!!!

    1. Aw, thanks, Kristy! :-) I actually ended June with just over 60 miles!? Yeah!!

  2. Overall you had an amazing month. Good job.

  3. Great month... love the current event night!