Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Celebrate with Me!

If you've been around for the past month or so, you might recall some casual mentions of a birthday challenge. The time is finally here to share all the details!

My 40th birthday is August 10th, and I really hope you'll celebrate with me. What better way to celebrate than with a good old fitness challenge.

Here's the low down...

Each day for 30 days, do 40 reps {each side} of that day's exercise.
Power Kicks ✽ Arnold Press ✽ Bicycles ✽ Calf Raises ✽ Squat to Press ✽ Deadlifts ✽ Russian Twists ✽ Upright Row ✽ 4 min Plank ✽ Deep Squats ✽ Pushups ✽ Split Squats ✽ Side Plank Hip Dips ✽ Bridge Fly ✽ V-Sit Crunches ✽ Sumo Squats ✽ Single Leg Deadlifts ✽ Burpees ✽ Curtsy Lunges ✽ Starfish Crunches ✽ Cross Body Hammer Curls ✽ Curl to Press ✽ Standing Side Crunches ✽ Side Lunges ✽ Squat Jacks ✽ Mountain Climbers ✽ Squat & Leg Abduction ✽ Row & Press ✽ Overhead Triceps Extension ✽ 4.0 mile, or 40 min, run

Only do the plank and run ONCE. {obviously}

But Wait! The fun doesn't stop there.
There are also 10 bonus activities. These can be done anytime throughout the 30 days; some might take the full month to complete.

✽ Log 40 Total Miles
✽ Try something new
✽ Read a book
✽ Post a pic of your favorite smoothie
✽ Do 40 sun salutations
✽ Run, Walk, or Bike a route in the shape of 40
✽ Run with a group
✽ Share a motivational quote or pic
✽ Enjoy a pool or beach day
✽ Wish me a happy birthday with a pic from your favorite place to run (or bike)

Will you celebrate with me?
Click the image below to print or download the calendar so you know what is what each day.

When I showed Jeff this calendar...
Jeff: No one will be able to finish this.
Me: I can and I will. The hardest one for me will be to read a book.
Jeff: It's just a lot.
Me: Yeah, but the daily exercises won't take more than 5-15 minutes (hello, burpees), so they can easily be added to someone's daily workout or spread throughout the day into manageable chunks. And many of the bonus activities will be accomplished along the way. I think it's totally do-able. Besides, it's supposed to be a challenge.
 What do you think? Too much of a challenge? Or a perfect way to celebrate my 40th birthday?

Let's show him that WE CAN and WE WILL do ALL.THE.THINGS.

Are you in?
It's easy to participate. Just follow the calendar. 😊
Feel free to post to Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook. Don't forget to use #ClarindaTurns40 so we all celebrate together.
I'm celebrating with @EnjoytheCourse! Join us for a fun 30-day fitness challenge. #ClarindaTurns40

This challenge is 100% purely just for kicks.
And to help me feel really good about this milestone birthday.

You can celebrate with me just one day or all 30.
For one activity or all 40.
Whatever works for you.

I'll be pleased as punch to have you celebrate with me at all. 😊

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  1. What a fun idea! Idk if I can participate tho--but it will be fun watching everyone else!

  2. This is such a fun idea and I think it's the perfect way to celebrate a milestone birthday!

  3. This is a great challenge and a fun way to celebrate getting older. I was confused at first thought you had to do all the exercises in one day. Doing 40 reps of one move sounds doable for sure

  4. What a great way to ring in the (not so) big 4-0! There's a lot of these that are no-no's for me right now, but I'll try to do the "allowed" moves. This looks fun ;-)

    1. Ah, yes. 40 used to seem so OLD, but now it's kind of exciting. :-D I hope you will participate as much as you're allowed. You've got to take care of that knee.

  5. Okay, since you are my birthday bud I am going to do my best to keep up :) I have the calendar downloaded.
    I sure I wish turning 40 though lol I'll be 51...argh...

    1. Thanks for downloading the calendar! I'm super excited to have you join me!! I forgot we were birthday buds. :)

  6. What an amazing challenge!! Woohoo!!!!

  7. Such an awesome idea! Get it get it lady!

  8. What a fun idea to celebrate your 40th birthday!!

  9. Looks like a fun challenge, and happy birthday....I will be hitting the same milestone in January! This is an awesome way to celebrate.

    1. Thanks, Toni! It's a weird feeling to be turning 40, isn't it?! I'm not fretting over it, but it's just weird. lol.

  10. I'm going to be 40 in October. I'm trying to get excited about it. Trying!!