Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week in Review - 7/02

Nothing too special or exciting happened this week. Just running every day with a few other workouts thrown in. Oh, and a run with Katrina. It took us 2 years, but we finally made it out for a run together. :-)


M - 2 mile run + Abs
T - 5k run + Legs
(10 reps every 1/2 mile: Squat, Side Lunges+Leg Raises, Deadlifts+Upright Row, Walking Lunges)
W - 1 mile run + Arms
(3 sets of 15 reps: Elevated Ball Pushup, Bent Over Row to Press, Cross Body Hammer Curl, Single Arm Reverse Fly, Bridge Chest Press)
Th - 1 mile run + Arms
(2 set of 10 reps: Squat+Curl to Press, Curtsy Lunge+Lateral Raise, Arnold Press, Sit Up, Plank Row to Press)
F - 3 mile run
Sa - 1 mile run + Booty
(I wasn't finding a workout on YouTube that was really grabbing me, so I was going to skip this. I thought I hit back-page, but then a video started playing, so I took it as a sign that I should just do it.)
Su - 6 mile run with Katrina

Highlights of the Week:

Tuesday's workout
It was fun to take a break every half mile to do some leg work. Even if the cars passing by did think I was a bit crazy. Or maybe they were impressed. I really have no way of telling, so let's go with impressed. 😉

My final round was back at home.  I was going to skip it, but then I thought PICTURES!
I was sore for days after this workout!!

Increased dumbbell weight
I decided to take a chance in upping my normal 5-lb dumbbells to 10-lbs for Wednesday's workout. For the most part, it was successful! There are some exercises that are still quite challenging at 5-lbs, but I could do all 3 sets for most exercises with 10-lbs. I stuck to 10-lbs on Thursday, too. My biceps felt AMAZING after 2 days at 10-lbs. Like I could just feel them getting stronger and plumper.

60-mile month
For the 2nd time this year, I broke 50 miles in the month of June. 2nd time over 60 miles, actually. I contribute this mostly to the Runner's World Run Streak and running every day in June.

Starbucks lunch
I love that Starbucks has a good variety of protein box options for lunch. They are perfect for when I don't bring lunch and have a free reward to redeem. :-) I enjoyed eating outside on their patio Friday afternoon. It was 98°F and fabulous outside that I just couldn't resist.

CharityMiles badges
CharityMiles is giving out virtual badges for running this weekend. I earned the Sunset Badge on Saturday and the Fireworks Badge this morning. Now I need to do under 1 mile to earn the Frozen Treat Badge. Sounds like a perfect distance to do with Sallie tomorrow.

For logging 1-2 miles
For logging 2+ miles

I love getting virtual rewards. They just make me feel warm and fuzzy. One of the reasons I hang onto using my Nike+ app on runs. :-)

Running with a friend
Last Sunday, Katrina messaged me about run groups in Las Vegas. I confessed I hadn't really found my tribe yet, so we decided to plan a run together. She's got a half coming up next weekend, so she had a 6-miler on the schedule for today. Sounded perfect to me!

Her pace is normally a bit faster than mine, so I was a bit nervous. No need! We spent the hour just running and chatting. It was so fun and those 6 miles seemed to really breeze on by.

How was your week?
Do you get a kick out earning virtual badges?

PS In case you missed having coffee with me yesterday, I gave a sneak peek into my upcoming birthday challenge. I hope you'll check it out and stay tuned for all the details later this week. I'm hoping for Wed or Thurs.

I'm linking up today with KimTricia & Holly for the Weekly Wrap. Have fantastic week, everyone! And a fun and safe 4th.

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  1. Another great week of workouts for you! I love your Tuesday workout. It's a great way to break up the run and get some cross training mixed in as well!

    1. Thanks! I couldn't believe how sore I was the next couple days, though!

  2. Awesome job on your June mileage!! I don't do running streaks very often (like, usually only once a year over the holidays LOL), but I'm always pleasantly surprised how just that one "itty bitty" daily mile can have such an impact over the course of several weeks.

  3. I mainly use Garmin to track my runs and any virtual badges I get are when I complete a new record (fastest mile, longest run, etc).

    I don't think I've tried the protein lunches at Starbucks but do see them when I get my coffee.

    1. I think they have like 5 or so varieties of protein boxes now. They don't look like much food, but they couple I've tried were just the perfect amount.

      I'm thinking about switching to a Garmin, but I would definitely miss the Nike awards. I'd probably still use Charity Miles, though. :)

  4. 98 degrees felt amazing? I've never heard that before :) I did a strength workout Saturday afternoon and I was definitely feeling it yesterday. Today doesn't seem too bad, and I'll see how I feel after sitting at work all day.

    1. What can I say? I'm the crazy girl that loves the dry heat. It feels so fabulous after the cold a/c of the office.

      Hope the DOMS aren't too bad after sitting in the office. Maybe take a short walk break?

  5. SO fun to have a run buddy along for the longer ones :)
    Your leg/squat workout looked great! I do love earning virtual badges - I earn then in my lose it app lol It is good motivation.
    You look great!! Keep throwing those weights around :)

    1. I'm such a solo runner! But, it's nice to mix it up with a friend now and again. :-)

  6. It sounds like you had a great week! I wish I could do the runstreak but my body usualy revolts in the process! I love doing strength work and nice job increasing the weights - sometimes you don't realize how strong you are until you take things up a notch!

    1. I can't streak much longer than a RW Run Streak (usually between 35-42 days). I'm definitely ready for a break now. :) It was a nice surprise to be able to handle heavier weights!!

  7. Girl, you are killing that run streak!! 60 miles in the month of June, July or August will NEVER happen for me ...just too darn humid down here. Congratulations ...that's a huge accomplishment!! Have a great week Clarinda and happy 4th!

    1. Luckily, I love the heat and am blessed with low humidity. :) I'm taking a little running break (1 week) after the streak, but still would like to have a 50+ mile month in July.

  8. NIce job on that mileage!! I'm kind of over all the virtual stuff. For a while I was a Gone For a run ambassador and I was doing all those virtual runs. But then I felt so strange, getting medals for "fake" races, when I would normally have run anyways. The badges are at least virtual too--less clutter.

    1. Yeah, I totally get that. :) I like the badges, because they aren't necessarily race distance related. I just think they're fun to get a random badge. lol

  9. I reallyyy need to get back to working out consistently again! Great job on getting 60 miles this month!

    1. Thanks, Farrah! It was a pleasant surprise. :)

      Cheers to getting back to it. ;-)