Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week in Review - 7/16

This past week kicked off the 30-day countdown to my 40th birthday! I may have complained to Jeff a couple months ago about being disappointed in my 30th birthday celebrations, so we are definitely making this milestone birthday THE BEST!

It's still several weeks away, but I'm embracing every day and looking forward to the big day! It's going to be epic fun, and I hope you'll follow along on my adventures.


M - 5 Stretching Moves + Best Ab Workout + 5 Daily Moves
W - Yoga for Psoas + Power Kicks (Day 1 of #ClarindaTurns40)
Th - 5k run + Arnold Press (Day 2 of #ClarindaTurns40)
F - Beach Babe Mashup Workout + Bicycles (Day 3 of #ClarindaTurns40)
Sa - Gentle Yoga + Calf Raises (Day 4 of #ClarindaTurns40)
Su - 3 mile run + TIU Flex Friday + Squat to Press (Day 5 of #ClarindaTurns40)

Highlights of the Week:

Machine Guns & Mimosas 
Don't worry! We were sure to have the mimosas AFTER shooting the machine guns. :) Since I had expressed some disappointment over my 30th, Jeff concocted the perfect way for me to get over any residual aggression that was lingering around. Machine Guns & Mimosas. He found a Groupon to a gun range and we set a date 30 days out from my birthday.

I was nervous about it! I had never shot a gun. Not a BB gun or an airsoft gun. Never played paintball or even laser tag. Maybe a little water pistol when I was kid, but I don't think that counts. I'm pretty anti-gun, too. So, yeah, you could say I was a little nervous about doing this. But excited, too!

I'm happy to say... It was fun!

I mean it was HARD. Those guns are NO JOKE! We shot 9 different guns. I couldn't tell you which was which. Most of them looked the same to me. LOL. Our range safety instructor was great! He really helped me feel comfortable handling all the different guns and was patient when I asked questions.

After we finished, we headed to the Westgate to catch the monorail to the Strip. I found a place at Paris that served bottomless mimosas until 11AM. Well, we got there at 11:02, but they still let us get the mimosas.

They were so good! Our server, Sean, kept those glasses filled the whole time, so I have no idea how much we actually drank, but I feel like we got our money's worth.

We were sure to have some food, too. We had some delicious spinach artichoke dip, split the Hexx burger, and finished with the Venezuelan milk chocolate cheesecake. It was all so good. If you find yourself on the Las Vegas Strip, I would definitely recommend Hexx.

We walked around the Strip a little after eating and drinking and wound up at one of our favorite places on the Strip - the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat.

All in all a GREAT day and a perfect way to start the 30-day countdown. :)

My virtual birthday celebration also began on Wed. I got in my power kicks before heading out to the Gun Garage.

If you haven't joined my birthday celebration, you can download the printable calendar or catch up on all the details. Even if you can't participate every day, you can jump in at any time or just do some of the bonus activities. I would love to have you celebrate with me!

Here are a couple of my favorite posts from the first few days. 😊

Thanks for celebrating with me, Karen & Lea!!

Sallie Cuteness
Wednesday was such a fun-filled day that the rest of the week kind of paled in comparison, so I'll leave you with some Sallie cuteness.

This girl loves her toys!

How was your week?
Have you ever shot a machine gun?
Do you go all out for milestone birthdays?

I'm linking up today with guest host Janelle as well Tricia & Holly for the Weekly Wrap. Have fantastic week, everyone!

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  1. Looks like a fun time in Las Vegas. I LOVE mimosas too!

    1. The mimosas were delicious and fun! It's fun to play tourist now and again. ;-)

  2. You had an awesome week of workouts! Congrats on kicking off your birthday challenge :)

  3. Wow, what made you want to do the machine gun thing?
    My b-day is in the summer so its usually celebrated with a vacation, which is fine by me. I've never done those 30 before 30 lists or anything fun like that. To be honest, when I was in my 20's I don't think the 30 before 30 or pinterest or anything like that was really a "thing". Enjoy your last days in your 30's. I'll be following your celebration via IG!

    1. The machine gun thing was all my husband's idea. Groupon can be so convincing! :D I'm definitely trying to make the most of my final days of my 30s. So far, it's been a blast.

  4. I never would have guessed you were turning 40, lol! I love the idea of a 30 day countdown. Bottomless mimosas are always amazing! And the gun range looks pretty cool though definitely out of my comfort zone!

    1. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, too! I was so nervous about it, but the instructor was super nice and helpful.

  5. I made sure to do something fun when I turned 30. When I was 18, I was in the middle of mid-year finals in high school, 21 was with a dying cat with liver cancer, and 25 was the first birthday alone after moving to Texas. I was due for FUN!! And I went to Napa.

    1. You definitely deserved something special for your 30th! Napa sounds wonderful. :)

  6. My husb through a surprise party for me on my 30th. On my 40th I was flying to Australia for a business trip and got a blood clot. Hopefully my 50th will be a happy medium - no party byt no medical issues either! You are going to have a great birthday and a great year!

    1. Oh wow! That sounds scary! Definitely hope your 50th is a good happy medium. :-)

  7. Bottomless mimosas!! Win LOL SOunds like a super fun day. I have shot many times, i am impressed you tackled some big weapons for your first go. It is a great stress reliever for me lol I shoot till blow the target to bits!
    LOL I am dying, you shared my sports bra video lol I was feeling brave that day, the heat is getting to me!
    I love that you are making a party month for your 40th :)

    1. Go big or go home, I guess. :-) I would have to do it a LOT more to find any stress relief in it. I was bruised and sore for days LOL!!

      Bottomless mimosas were definitely a huge WIN for the day, though.

  8. How fun, I think I already told you on IG I love target shooting. My guess is they gave you a few smaller size weapons to fire so you wouldn't hate it by having your arm or shoulder jerked back too much! I love target shooting I used to go weekly, it's really relaxing and well I love the smell of gunpowder LOL
    Love all the things you're doing for your 40th!

    1. Actually, he started us with the hardest ones to shoot, so we would end on a good note. LOL. We shot a Desert Eagle pistol, Uzi, Thompson (Tommy), AK47, REM 700, MK18, M4, SCAR16, and a SAW. In that order. :-)

      I'm definitely trying to have fun celebrating my 40th.